Protesters get paid

Antifa is paid for demonstrations

Initially, it was only Antifa tenders on Facebook for paid participation in demonstrations, which led to further research into who the Antifa is paid for and for what measures.

The Antifa shows itself to be a violent paid demonstration structure that can apparently be "rented". According to research by the TV channel RT, which is defamed as a propaganda broadcaster loyal to Russia, Antifa consists of several organizations from Antifa GmbH to the Antifa trade union and the Antifa association. They receive money from the German federal government, the parties SPD, CDU and the Greens as well as individual socialist-communist-oriented associations. The Antifa would thus be a government-paid violent unit that is secretly deployed by the established center parties outside of the rule of law to combat unpleasant demonstrations and expressions of opinion among the population.

This unit receives a not inconsiderable part of the money from public funds from the state and federal budgets that are allegedly made available “against the law”. For example, the Antifa was used to attack the peaceful demonstrations by PEGIDA in January and LEGIDA in February, whereupon the demonstrations had to be canceled in response to this threat. It is now understandable why the police allow the violent anti-fascist units and leave them criminally unmolested. The fact that the Antifa operations are against unpleasant groups of people in Germany, regardless of their political orientation, was shown by the Antifa operations against the Compact event by Jürgen Elsässer, who was known at the time as editor-in-chief of the 68 newspaper «Konkret». The fact that some Antifa fighters even do this professionally was shown by a fighter's pay slip and the offered hourly rate of 25 euros per hour plus foreign and night surcharges.