How does muscle obesity affect health


Broad shoulders, has always been a symbol of masculinity and the beauty of the male body, so many guys dream of quickly inflating large and hunched shoulders (delta). The problem lies in the fact that the majority of athletes in Austria, in pursuit of spherical shoulders, are forgetting basic things that seemingly everyone should be new to the gym.

In this article we are going to talk about the main points that stimulate the shoulders grow, overall a growth of muscle athletes. Because the more the athlete, the more muscle mass there is, the more massive and will look wider than the shoulders.

Basic exercises for the shoulders

Basic exercises always have and will be the foundation for building muscle mass. No matter what you want in size so that wide back and shoulders, chest pump relief or big buttocks increase. Just the basic exercises can significantly stimulate the growth of muscles that require you to make broad shoulders. For the shoulders, the best basic exercise is lifting dumbbells because the head is up and the bar before a particular exercise stand lifting happens best seated so that you take the weight off your feet unnecessary to eliminate "cheating" so load her shoulders to the full off.

Isolated exercises for shoulders

Most beginners in search of a huge delta focus on the support or isolation exercise, which is a big mistake. All kinds of swings with dumbbells, just not being able to load the shoulders, tear the muscle fibers as much as the bar would have done. The result is the basis for arm training for the beginner, and even an experienced athlete, the complementary exercise as a result of the effect of such training will be minimal.

Auxiliary exercises (auxiliary) for the shoulders and called to support, as they only complement the training, diversity introduced so that the relief already inflated delta. Therefore, if your shoulders are still far from ideal proportions, we recommend that you throw all of the back space for shoulders, and focus solely on the basic exercises that really help you get your shoulders pumped.

For an experienced athlete who has achieved decent results in bodybuilding where the size of the shoulders is impressive, it is recommended for muscle drawing, detail deltas, use thinning dumbbells ups dumbbells standing on the sides, sitting bench with dumbbells.

As for the various simulators for the shoulders, there is no definitive answer for the beginner and for the experienced athlete. Trainers need professional action for bodybuilders, and for people with disabilities. For a healthy athlete in Austria who is not looking to stand on stage but is looking to make huge shoulders, the best option is to include a superset that will work simultaneously as dumbbells and dumbbells.

Shoulder workout

Coaching shoulders should not be more than 1-2 times a week, it is directly dependent on the intensity of the training deltas or when training hard, one time when light, then twice.

If you are doing both in one day, and in bench press exercises for shoulders, you cannot expect good results in your power delta results because the bench press is strong enough to load not only the triceps but the delta as well. Therefore, it is better to combine and bench press exercises for the shoulders, in the days of simple training deltas.

An example of a tough workout for the shoulders: 4x8 bench dumbbell standing because of the head, 4x8 dumbbells lift dumbbell bench press 4x8 standing by parties. This training is classified as severe, muscle debilitating and does not need to be repeated more than once a week. Next week, you can change the number of sets and repetitions, such as 5 sets of 6 times, each time the operating weight of the bar increases, but the rise of the dumbbells replaced by the bench presses with sitting dumbbells.

An example of a simple workout for your shoulders: 3x10 weight bench 3x12 press standing to lift dumbbells in front of you. Such an exercise for the shoulders can be done twice a week, like Friday, you are already doing bench press 4x8 behind your head and 4x8 thinning of dumbbells standing standing dumbbell.

Danae circuit training shoulders, is very simple, and most importantly, work. On it you can easily increase the size of the shoulders, making them heavier and wider, after half a year.

And now we will give you a few tips for shoulders pumps that will help you progress for a long time, both in growth and in strength of the Delta.

Features shoulders pumps

1. Do not rush to pursue any performance results, shoulders, like many of our other muscles, like an even load rather than hopping. So try to increase the weight of the worker when exercising smoothly, for example a good result will be an increase in performance in the 10 to 15 kg bench press bar for 6 months.

2. Train, both white and red muscle fibers, but in this case your workout will be a full shoulder. In practice, this strength training is achieved (1-3 repetitions) and training on the relief (8-12 repetitions in one approach).

3. In the initial shoulder training phase, you may experience a pain that cannot give you the exercises. The solution to this problem lies in strictly adhering to the movement technique and your willpower. Technique exercises on the shoulders can be found in the relevant section. On the second point, I would like to say this, you need to learn to differentiate between muscle (good) pain of the joint, ligament (very bad) pain. Very often there is pain in the shoulder joints, zhimah standing, sitting with a dumbbell chest, and because of the head. Sometimes it helps to do willpower, which makes the exercises in the end, the body and muscles adapt to this load type and no longer hurt, and sometimes, nothing helps, in which case you should change the exercises, but in each Case the exercise technique must be strictly adhered to.

4. Warm up the muscles before training to avoid getting injuries that haunt us everywhere, we just need to lose on it ... read a separate article on warming up the muscles.

5. Don't focus on doing the same exercises with the same load, but always remember that the basic exercises are the foundation of your future, big deltas. You can develop the shoulder harness not only in the gym but also in the pool, which is why every professional wide swimmer is.