Is it safe to drink distilled water?

Is Distilled Water Good Or Bad For Health?

Distilled water is absolutely free of pollutants because it has been purified in the thermal process of distillation. However, it also no longer contains any minerals. Nevertheless, many people trust the cleansing effect of water. Distilled water is said to promote health by "flushing" pathogens out of the body. In some countries around the world, it is even effectively sold as drinking water. However, the question of whether distilled water is really good or bad for your health is not that easy to answer.

What is the effect of distilled water on the human body?

In theory, distilled water is actually harmful and even dangerous to the body. If the cells came in direct contact with distilled water, they could burst. This is because the body's cells would try to correct the nutrient imbalance. If they take in the mineral-free water for too long, they would eventually burst and this would result in internal bleeding or organ failure.

However, the distilled water would have to get directly into the bloodstream, for example through a transfusion. If you only drink the pure water, you don't have to worry about such drastic effects. The stomach acid and saliva enrich the distilled water with minerals before it can even come into contact with the cells.

Is the consumption of distilled water safe for humans?

However, the consumption of distilled water is not entirely harmless, as it removes electrolytes from humans. The body needs these for numerous processes. Calcium, for example, ensures a stable bone structure and is required for the transmission of signals to the muscles. Iron is an important part of the red blood cells and ensures the transport of oxygen in the blood. Potassium is important for many of the body's enzymatic reactions. If these substances are missing, this can disrupt important body functions.

Minerals are normally taken in through food and drinking water. If you eat properly, you can easily compensate for this deficiency. Brewing your coffee with distilled water so as not to adulterate the aroma is therefore completely harmless. It only becomes problematic when the entire drinking water requirement is covered with distilled water. In the long run, food intake alone could no longer compensate for the mineral deficit, which is why deficiency symptoms would soon develop that would quickly be hazardous to health. That is why most scientists and the German Nutrition Society speak out against the exclusive consumption of distilled water.

You can use a water test to determine how high the mineral content is in your tap water.