Is adp a good company

ADP Employer Services

Unfortunately a total disappointment.

Employee or workerAt the time of the assessment, was working in the sales / distribution department at ADP in Neu Isenburg.

I think it's good about the employer

Work-life balance / BAV

I think it's bad about the employer

Lack of transparency, communication, ability to criticize

Suggestions for improvement

From an HR perspective, the topic of value and culture should be promoted. Unfortunately, this is not available in local society.
From a sales management perspective, you just have to listen better and accept and implement criticism. I would like to see who you start with such simple things and see why the most successful distributor is so successful and why the others maybe not. Start Win / Loss Analysis.

Working atmosphere

Most distributors work from home. There are no major events or events that could have a positive effect on the working atmosphere. Mistakes by management or the lack of decisiveness in sales management helps to protect themselves, but unfortunately does not help employees to achieve their goals. Basically you are controlled directly from the USA.


Unfortunately, there has recently been a lot of negative feedback from customers on the market, which has also had an impact on the company's image. In addition, the ADP is a big number in the USA but largely unknown in Germany,

Work-life balance

Sometimes stressful in projects, otherwise good.

Career / further education

Can be abbreviated. There is simply not really nothing at all

Salary / social benefits

It depends in which segment you work.
Enterprise segment you just have to know that every two / three years there is the possibility to achieve your goal. Basically, salaries are worse off than those of other US or SaaS companies. Otherwise it is a matter of negotiation. BAV is available.

Environmental / social awareness

Many initiatives around the world. Unfortunately, I don't know any locally.

Cohesion among colleagues

Either you are in the Inner Circle or you are not. Even when you are in the Inner Circle, it quickly happens that you tear your mouth apart about colleagues. Willingness to help in deals can be bought through investments

Dealing with older colleagues

Most of the sales team consists of young colleagues. In principle, however, I have no concerns about the ADP in this context.

Managerial behavior

From my point of view, the biggest problem is management. You have separated from good employees in order to cover up your own mistakes.
When one speaks of "we" within the ADP, it is about the management and not the account executives. One should not do one thing here, and recent examples have shown that there is too much criticism. Otherwise "we" will speak to you

working conditions

It's not the best office now, but otherwise you get everything you need.


Unfortunately, transparency and communication are not there. Unfortunately, it is rarely communicated and you have to proactively ask about sales meetings.

equal rights

By equality I don't just mean discrimination against gender or race. I also mean between old (Inner Circle) and new employees. Leads from your target accounts are then often passed on to long-established employees without coordination. Unfortunately, this is an issue every day because sales management refuses to set up a clearly defined process.

Interesting tasks

Interesting at the ADP. is the opportunity to work on international deals in an interdisciplinary manner across departments. Otherwise it is important for potential candidates to understand that there is no such thing as Account Based Marketing or Outbound Marketing. As in many similar companies, SDR in the enterprise segment does not work either. The whole subject of lead generation is your responsibility.