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Netflix for free: only a few know this secret tip

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Time for Netflix. And it's completely free. The streaming service has provided numerous well-known content for free streaming on its own website. These are Netflix originals, i.e. content that Netflix shows and has produced exclusively.

On the special Netflix page you can watch numerous series without any registration. However, the famous bait principle applies to the series: You can only watch the first episode of a series for free. If you like a series, you ultimately have to sign up for Netflix and pay to continue watching it. Movies that Netflix once offered for free have disappeared.

Free Netflix series

Stranger Things - Mystery / Thriller

After a boy goes missing, secret government experiments, supernatural powers, and a strange little girl emerge in a small town.

Elite thriller

Three working-class teenagers now attend an exclusive private school in Spain. The contrast between them and the rich students escalates into murder.

Boss Baby - Cartoon

In this animated series based on the hit movie, Boss Baby tries to familiarize his brother Tim with the business world in the office.

When They See Us - Drama Series

This true-life series tells the story of five Harlem teenagers falsely accused of brutal assault in Central Park.

Love is blind - reality

In this relationship experiment, couples only see each other after they have fallen in love and engaged

Our Planet - Documentary Series

This documentary series portrays the natural beauty of our planet and shows the effects of climate change on all living things on earth

Grace and Frankie - sitcom

Philistine Grace and hippie Frankie are radically different, but become friends when their husbands abandon them for each other on this Emmy-nominated series.


However, you can only watch all of the content via the web interface, not in the Netflix app and therefore not on your smart TV. The selection of films and series can also change from time to time, according to Netflix. If you are interested in a sample content, you should look quickly.

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