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Vacation job: These vacation jobs make the most money

How old do I have to be to do a holiday job?

Smaller vacation jobs are possible from the age of 13. But only if the parents agree. The job can last a maximum of two hours per day, in agriculture three. According to the German Trade Union Federation (DGB), only light activities such as delivering newspapers, babysitting or gardening are permitted. The requirements of the Youth Labor Protection Act (JArbSchG) apply up to the age of 18.

What activities can I do in a summer job?

It depends on the age. Young people (14-17 years) are not allowed to work that is dangerous. Michael Noghero from the Augsburg Student Union explains what that means: "These include moral, health and accident risks that young people cannot yet assess so well." Piecework is also prohibited for people under the age of 18.

How long can I work?

In most holiday jobs, young people can only be employed between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. Michael Noghero reveals the exceptions: "From the age of 16 you can work in the catering industry until 10 p.m. and in multi-shift companies until 11 p.m." Apart from events (for example a sports festival), young people are not allowed to work on weekends. Unless they work in a hospital or restaurant.

How long can I take a break?

This is also laid down in the Youth Labor Protection Act. If a young person works between 4.5 and 6 hours a day, the break must be at least 30 minutes. If the working hours are longer, the break must last at least 60 minutes.

Does the minimum wage apply to holiday jobs?

The general minimum wage does not apply to young people under the age of 18 who have not completed any training. The minimum wage law applies to adult holiday jobbers. You are entitled to 8.50 euros per hour. According to the student union, not all employers have yet to adhere to the new law. Noghero: "We know some cases in which free trial work is required, especially in the catering industry."

Do I have to pay taxes on my vacation job?

If schoolchildren and students have earned over 900 euros gross per month, yes. Even if they only worked for a month during the holidays. Normally, however, they can get their taxes back from the tax office, as they do not exceed the sum for the tax-free subsistence level of 8472 euros over the year. In most cases, income tax class I applies to vacation jobs

Does a vacation job have an impact on child benefit?

For children who have neither completed vocational training nor a degree, there has always been child benefit since 2012, regardless of how much they work and how much money they earn.

Do I have to pay social security contributions?

Schoolchildren and students who work during the summer vacation are considered to be short-term employees. That means: "Employment may be limited to a maximum of three months or 70 working days per calendar year," explains Noghero from the Augsburg Student Union. As long as the job remains within this framework, it is free of social security. Noghero continues: "All students must be insured in a statutory or private health insurance."

Which jobs are the most lucrative?

Physically strenuous work, for example on construction or as a moving helper, is remunerated at up to 20 euros per hour in Augsburg. Those who are familiar with computers or software can get up to 30 euros an hour. Private tutors also earn quite well. "Here you have to check carefully whether there is any additional preparation time in addition to the teaching time," advises Michael Noghero. These summer jobs are where students make the most money