Anorexic people think that other people look fat

Disapproval of being overweight: "Everyone thinks fat people are unhappy because they are fat"

"Ok, you don't really have to like it when your thighs rub against each other up to the knee."

"A little consideration for others who still have a thing for good taste would be nice."

“You have to face the fact that it just doesn't look nice when someone is too fat or too thin. It's just gross. "

ICONIST recently published an article about a woman who wears size 44 and styles celebrity outfits. These are three of almost 40 comments - the vast majority of them sounded like that. Unobjective, insulting. Sure, that's how people behave on the Internet! Or? The tone of reader reactions is harsh on many topics when it comes to refugees, the AfD, the Facebook data scandal, feminism. But then you get the impression that the commentators might simply be interested in hurting less often than with being overweight.

Why is it like that, what is it that upsets people so much? Why do they feel called to make a taste judgment - couldn't they care what others weigh, how thick their thighs are, and why they are so fat? And how are the people who are the target of such comments?

In any case, it is not a pure internet phenomenon. "A more recent study shows that people who are overweight experience critical comments, unwanted glances, well-intentioned advice with which they cannot do much, or disadvantages about three to four times a day," says Anja Hilbert, professor of psychology at the Leipzig University Hospital.