Why is Metal Gear Solid so popular

Metal Gear Solid: This is how it is about the game adaptation

As early as 2012 it became known that the popular video game series Metal Gear would be filmed. Now, almost nine years later, fans are still waiting in vain for a movie. How is the project currently?

In the stealth actioner "Metal Gear Solid", the players sneak, crawl and climb past the antagonists unnoticed as Solid Snake. The game series, which now comprises nine main games and various offshoots, is also known for its detailed and long cut scenes, which make every game almost a film. It is therefore logical that fans of the games long for a movie.

This dream should also come true. Back in 2012, the Konami company announced that the "Metal Gear" series would be filmed. Two years later, a director was found in Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island). In 2017, Jurassic World and Star Wars writer Derek Connolly joined the project as a screenwriter. So the project has been in planning for ages and is making progress. But very slowly.

When director Jordan Vogt-Roberts was asked a few months ago how the "Metal Gear" film was going, he replied that he actually wanted to be in a studio in 2020. But the pandemic also thwarted his project. So it is questionable when the film will be released. Until the cinemas have recovered, it would be too risky to start such a new project. We remain excited, but still optimistic. The fact that the same director has been working on the film for six years is a sign that Vogt-Roberts really wants to finish the project. A publication will probably take a few more years.