What is the appeal of alternative drugs

Naturopathic and alternative healing methods

More and more people are now looking for an alternative or a supplement to known conventional medicine. The offer is very extensive. Methods that complement conventional medicine (complementary medicine) are mostly divided into natural healing methods and alternative healing methods.


Naturopathy uses natural stimuli (e.g. cold, warmth, light) to activate people's self-healing powers. As a preventive measure, the physiological and psychological strength of humans should be strengthened through natural impulses (e.g. alternating baths). One of the most famous representatives of naturopathy was Pastor Kneipp.

The methods of naturopathy can be divided into the following forms of treatment:

  • Physical methods (e.g. water treatments, light irradiation)
  • Sport and exercise
  • Phytotherapy (here: especially healing through purely herbal substances and medicinal plants)
  • Diet (e.g. with regard to calorie intake, composition, balanced diet)
  • Psychological and / or psychotherapeutic measures (e.g. to relax, to take on more personal responsibility)

The ingestion of natural healing products can also lead to undesirable side effects, excessive ingestion or too long or constant use of natural healing products even damage the body (e.g. in the gastrointestinal tract). If the symptoms of a supposedly mild illness do not improve quickly, consult a doctor.

alternative medicine

In general, the term “alternative medicine” includes various healing methods as an alternative to “scientifically oriented conventional medicine”. This applies to both treatment and diagnostics. There are now a variety of alternative healing methods on the therapeutic market. At this point only a few of the most well-known methods should be listed:

  • homeopathy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Acupuncture
  • yoga
  • Chiropractic
  • Reiki