What is the parameter of a rectangle

Setting up terms

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In these explanations you will learn what a term is, how you can set up terms, and how you can use terms to describe different situations mathematically.

What is a term?

A term is an arithmetic expression that can contain numbers, variables and arithmetic symbols. A term can be used to describe facts or arithmetic instructions. You use a placeholder for the unknown numbers or sizes. Mostly letters are used as placeholders (also called variables).

Set up terms

Arithmetic instructions can be formulated with the help of terms. These translation aids can make the conversion easier for you:
Formulate the term for the following arithmetic instruction: Reduce the sevenfold of a number by 5 and divide the result by 2.

Terms for geometric shapes and figures

In the case of flat figures, the circumference and area can be described with the help of terms, as can the volume, the surface area or the total edge length of bodies.
Give a term that describes the circumference of the rectangle with sides a and b.
Total edge length of a cuboid
Give a term that describes the total edge length of a cuboid with edge lengths a, b and c.