What are the 3 different egg recipes

The 11 best egg recipes from around the world

Why should the fun stop at breakfast?

Whether stirred, fried, peeled, filled and poached, sweet in pancakes or hearty in omelets - hardly any other food is as versatile and uncomplicated as the egg. Egg dishes are not only popular in Germany. Here is a small selection from the world's kitchens:

With this Korean specialty, the egg becomes the crown of enjoyment. According to your heart's desire, ingredients such as minced meat, spinach, carrots, shiitake mushrooms or bean sprouts are fried one after the other and served in a rice bowl with a little spicy sauce. The egg comes on top, raw or fried. Incidentally, they are only mixed after serving. The name of the dish is derived from this tradition: Bibimbap comes from bapeul bibida and freely translated means "stir rice".

How about an egg on a skewer for a change? Eggs are often grilled in the street kitchens of Thailand. If you want to try this out, you need a sure instinct. Before grilling, the inside of the egg is blown out of the shell, stirred, seasoned and then has to be put back into the egg. Tough but tasty!

The British picnic classic. Take a boiled egg, wrap it in sausage meat, bread it with breadcrumbs and deep-fry it until golden brown. The crispy egg and sausage balls taste warm and cold. When the weather is too bad for a trip to the countryside: It also tastes good in a pub with an ale.

The yeast dough breads filled with eggs, cheese, sour cream and garlic are a popular street food classic in Georgia: tasty, filling and available almost everywhere. Khachapuri breads from the Acharuli region are a particular specialty. Here small boats are formed from the dough into which an egg is beaten. If you want to bake Chatchapuri yourself, you have to be in a good mood. Otherwise the dough will not rise, as the saying goes.

Scrambled egg fans will also love the oriental version. In the Turkish city of Menemen, after which the dish is named, you first chop onions in the frying pan, then add green peppers, peppers and tomatoes. As soon as the tomatoes are soft, stir in the eggs and season with salt, pepper and paprika powder. If you want, you can vary to your heart's content.

For some a delicacy, for others a test of courage: Millennial eggs. By the way, they don't take as long as their name suggests. The duck eggs are covered with a mass of wood ash, lime, tea leaves, water, salt and lemon juice, placed in a clay vessel and kept in it for 45 - 90 days. The preservation process turns the protein into jelly-like and brown like amber, the yolk turns green and - depending on the length of storage - can be creamy like quark or firm like cheese. According to legend, the first Century Egg was excavated around 600 years ago during the Ming Dynasty. A flock of ducks is said to have laid their eggs in lime mortar on a construction site - where they were later discovered by the delightful homeowner and burst into tears of joy. So the gourmet tip for the next Easter festival: When looking for eggs, like to turn a blind eye.

If the Century Eggs takes too much getting used to, you might enjoy Chinese tea eggs.

Translated, Avgolemono means "egg and lemon" - the key words for this light and substantial variant of the chicken soup. A raw egg is whisked with lemon juice and added to the broth with boiled rice - with the heat switched off - otherwise the egg will freeze. Avgolemono is a soup for all seasons: refreshing in summer, warming in winter.

According to an anecdote, this French dessert was invented by accident. An apprentice cook was supposed to prepare crêpes at the table for the British Crown Prince and later King Edward VII. As he was about to prepare the sauce, one of the liqueurs suddenly caught fire. Without changing a face, the apprentice dipped the crepes in the inflamed marinade, gave them plenty of sugar and served them to the prince as the newest creation. He tasted and was enthusiastic.

Egg salad with smoked salmon

Well, there we have the salad! Internationally known, but especially delicious the Copenhagen way. Here you can add shrimp, smoked salmon and fresh herbs to the boiled eggs. It's not heavy in the stomach either, the mayonnaise is mixed with sour cream.
Also tastes good as a spread, for example on Danish rye bread.
Here is our variant as a topped egg salad sandwich.

If you have to travel at short notice and don't know what to do with all the eggs, this dish is particularly recommended: The Crema Catalana is the sweetest way to destroy half a dozen eggs at once. Mix 6 egg yolks with sugar, stir in milk and starch, caramelize the cream in the oven. Heavenly!

Published on March 31, 2018