Is C or C ++ easier

C ++ Start with C or C ++? Why?

Hello dear community!
I want to start programming and earn some money on the side. After a little longer research I came to the conclusion that I either want to learn C ++ or C. However, I don't know which of them should be final. They say C ++ is based on C, but is it really that much different? And can you do something with C that you can't do with C ++? For example programming an operating system? I mean, C ++ is an extension of C, so theoretically I should be able to use all of C's functions in C ++, plus a few new ones in addition to the C functions. Or?
For games, C ++ is better, but does it really make sense to start with C ++ even though C ++ is based on C? Can't C ++ access the hardware in the same way as C, or are there differences that I don't know about? C ++ is also object-oriented ... I haven't quite got the point, but I've never had a major project either. I once did an introduction to Python (introduction to Python - ideal for beginners), but not the entire book, about 3/4 of the book. So (I would say so now) I am no longer a complete beginner in programming.
I tend to prefer C ++ because it's more complex. And if you have fully understood C ++, then you have understood C too, right?
So can you recommend books to learn about your recommendations? Or how did you learn your favorite? I would prefer books because I like to hold something in my hand to study.

Thank you in advance for all the answers. I will of course answer questions, but probably with a little delay (I am not "always online").
You are also welcome to write me private messages, I will answer them as soon as possible