What can Indonesia learn from China

Study Bridge Indonesia

ModulesContentLanguage coursesAt the Goethe-Institut Jakarta, Bandung or Wisma Jerman in Surabaya or as an online language course at the Goethe-Institut.TestDaF preparation course (online)Getting to know the individual parts of the exam (reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression, oral expression).
Duration: 4 weeks - 5 units / week.TestAS format training (online)Mathematics (compulsory) + an elective (computer science, chemistry, physics, biology, technical engineering).
Duration: 2 x 8 weeks (2 x 5 units / week)Exams TestDaF and TestASTestDaF and TestASMINT - Module Mathematics (online)Technical preparation.
Duration: 5 weeks - 8 units / weekMINT module (online)Technical preparation in one of the following MINT subjects: computer science, chemistry, physics, biology, technical engineering or economics.
Duration: 5 weeks - 8 units / weekFit for studies (online)Orientation course on the German higher education system.
Duration: 4 weeks - 5 units / week.intercultural trainingOrientation in the German study system and intercultural awareness.
Duration: 3 daysStudent counselingSupported by the DAADSTEM Academy (optional)Attending a two-week STEM academy in Germany is optional. During the two-week stay in Germany, selected partner universities are visited and, among other things, lectures are taken.

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