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Create PC games yourself with RPG Maker & Co.

Sabrina Ammerl

In order to develop a PC game one does not necessarily need special previous knowledge. With the right programs and practice, anyone can create their own game.

EnlargeRPG Maker has been popular for years.
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Depending on the effort, creating your own video game takes a lot of time and sometimes nerves. What is not absolutely necessary, however, is programming experience or other special prior knowledge. With the programs presented, you can design your own computer game according to your ideas. This is usually not very easy, but practice makes perfect, as is well known.

RPG Maker MV

One series of programs that has been very popular since the late 1990s is RPG Maker. As the name suggests, you can use the tool to create classic role-playing games yourself. In the basic version, RPG Maker provides a large selection of ready-made graphics and sound elements. If that's not enough, you will find it among the many additional (paid) content with which you can further customize your game. This includes, for example, additional characters, graphic elements, animations, soundtracks and effects, but also tools with which you can design them completely yourself. Games created can also be exported as an app for Android or iOS.

You can purchase the latest version, RPG Maker MV, for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam or directly from the developer's page.

Pixel Game Maker MV

Pixel Game Maker is the newest addition to the Maker series and is still in Early Access. While RPG Maker is intended for classic 2D role-playing games, this tool specializes in side-scrolling and top-down games. In addition, a multiplayer feature is offered so that you can create games for up to 4 players.

You can download Pixel Game Maker from Steam Early Access here.

Visual Novel Maker

The makers of RPG Maker also created Visual Novel Maker, with which budding writers can bring their works to life. Using prefabricated or self-created elements and characters, you create your own interactive story, in the style of Japanese manga. The tool also offers the option of synchronizing these afterwards. Games created can also be exported as an app for Android or iOS.

You can buy Visual Novel Maker for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam or directly from the developer's site.


GameMaker works according to the same building block principle, i.e. you choose from prefabricated or self-made elements and use them to create your own 2D game. On the developer's website, in addition to additional content, users also have access to an active forum in which they can exchange ideas with other users and receive assistance. Created games can be exported as an app for Android or iOS. Console games for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One can also be created. Depending on which platform your game is intended for, there are different license costs for the program.

You can purchase the latest version, GameMaker Studio 2, for Windows and Mac on Steam or directly from the developer's page.


In contrast to the programs mentioned above, GameGuru can be used to create 3D games. The focus here is mainly on shooters. In addition to the basic version, additional weapons, characters and more can be purchased at a later date. GameGuru can currently only create PC games, but with a purchase price of around € 17 it is also one of the cheapest programs of its kind.

You can buy GameGuru for Windows on Steam or directly from the developer's site.

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