Is it okay to sniff panties

Caught sniffing the panties

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Caught sniffing at the slip. (In the hands of the neighbor's daughter)

I want to tell you a story that really happened that way and that still has no end to this day.

So it is quite possible that there will be further consequences here.

We had been living in a ground floor apartment with a garden for 2 years. The house has 3 apartments.

The apartment on the first floor also has a garden, which connects directly to our terrace.

Since I always go out on the terrace to smoke, I always see neighbors' children playing in the garden. The little one is still in kindergarten and is often supervised by her older sister.

The older sister is attending grammar school, but I don't know in which year.

In terms of physique, she already has somewhat pronounced hips whereas her breasts appear rather small, I don't think they would fill an A cup yet. That's probably why she doesn't wear a bra yet. Her nipples, however, are very pronounced and practically pierce through the fabric of her T-shirts.

When Lisa (that's her name) then runs through the garden you can already see how her breasts bob and the nipples rub against the fabric.

She is about 160cm tall, has dark brown hair, mostly tied in a ponytail, and is suntanned.

Often she only wears tight shorts and a tight T-shirt, so you can always see a lot of the already tight buttocks. It is also rather tight, nothing wobbles or wobbles around. Maybe because she also plays actively in a football club.

One day I went to the laundry room to remove the accumulated lint from the exhaust duct of our dryer. (I do that approx.

2 times a year)

When I was messing around there, I saw in the neighbors' linen chest, on top of it, a white cotton panty with large red dots. At first I tried to suppress my curiosity and just keep working. But again and again my gaze turned to the linen chest and more and more often. I just couldn't go on working.

These girls' panties attracted me like a magnet.

At some point I couldn't help myself! I took the panties and first looked at the label child size 158. That could only be from her. Then I put it down again very quickly.

Again I tried to keep working.

But now I was totally gripped by curiosity. I wanted to know how SHE smells! I grabbed the knickers out of the laundry basket and held them right under my nose. I inhaled a couple of times and sucked in the scent.

A wonderful, sweet but with a little bitter note filled my nose. I couldn't get enough of it and took deep breaths over and over again.

Immediately I felt a pull in my loin and noticed how more and more blood flowed into my tail. My little one got bigger and harder. And the scent in my nose became more and more intense.

I was sure that I was all alone in the house.

Why shouldn't I get him out and get relief? So I got him out and slowly began to jerk him off. I was leaning against the neighbors laundry basket with my pants open and my cock jerking off in my hand.

Again and again I took a deep breath and sucked in the sweet scent.

In the meantime I had forgotten everything around me and was working straight towards my climax!

Suddenly I heard a loud, bright voice calling: Hey you pig, what are you doing with my underpants?

I looked towards the door. There she stood LISA! She stared at me, her face angry, and waited for an answer.

I was petrified! Couldn't make a sound.

She was screaming again; I asked something you old pig! Please answer.

I stood there like a little boy who is scolded by his mom.

I suddenly felt so small and shabby and dirty. I thought I was about to die of shame.

Then I tried to stammer an excuse, something came out of it; I wanted to smell how your detergent smells like that.

She changed her features a little, a grin almost came into her eyes.

Suddenly she said very calmly; The panties haven't been washed yet, you sniff them and get one off! Does my panties make you horny or what?

Now it was out, no excuse would help me any further and on top of all that my cock was now even harder than before.

So I answered truthfully; Not the panties but the scent in them! I didn't care now, now everything would come out anyway and there was going to be a huge scandal.

But now everything suddenly turned out very differently!

She said now in a calm and resolute voice; Keep going !!

I didn't know what to do now.

I said; No rather not but PLEASE, PLEASE don't tell me! I will never do that again.

The answer; Carry on now or I will prosecute you!

She lifted her skirt a little and gave me a view of her panties. It was exactly the one I was holding in my hands only with blue dots. She put her right hand on her mons pubis and slid it up and down a little.

Go ahead now! She ruled in a very harsh tone.

I was totally upset and now slowly began to jerk off my cock again.

Go faster and sniff my underpants again, she cheered me on.

Now I didn't care, I jerked my cock like a madman and inhaled her piss scent again.

Only now everything was even better because SHE was watching me too!

I could have exploded like this.

She took a few steps towards me and held out her hand.

I want to touch it, she said now in a completely different tone, rather shy.

I stopped jerking off now and held my cock in her direction. She reached out very carefully and grabbed my cock.

I told her to take it easy and to move her hand up and down, she couldn't be told twice.

But already with the first downward movement it shot out of me, a sperm fountain that I actually didn't know about myself. In a high arc, everything shot at the laundry basket and the laundry that was in it.

Lisa was very shocked but also very interested. A few drops landed on her hand as well.

She sniffed it, ripped her underpants out of my hand, wiped the droplets of semen off her hand, turned around and left.

Not a word, not another look, nothing!

I felt guilty. What happens next now? Is everything coming out?

Nothing for days!

I saw her in the garden, sometimes she played with her little sister, sometimes with her dog.

I had the feeling that she was trying to provoke me. Every time she played with the dog, she turned her back to me and leaned forward, so I had a great peek right down to her bottom. Suddenly she was wearing very tight shorts that stuck to her body like a second skin.

But nothing else happened.

A few days later our doorbell rang.

My wife went to work and the neighbor was still working. Only Lisa was in the house, I knew that because I heard her footsteps from above and her bike was in front of the house. The little sister was still in kindergarten.

I was hoping for a continuation of what had happened in the basement.

When I opened the door, those white cotton underpants with blue dots that Lisa wore in the basement days ago were hanging on the doorknob. I quickly took it in my hand, looked up the stairs again, but saw nothing.

So I locked the door again and pulled myself into the bathroom with those underpants.

Here I was able to look at this wonderful part in peace for the first time. Only now it occurred to me that it was still very wet where the delicate lips were usually located. Immediately I pulled this very wet spot under my nose and took a deep breath. Again the scent clenched my nose so tightly that I couldn't stop inhaling deeply.

My cock was rock hard again and begged to be waxed. I tore off my shorts straight away and started jerking off the tough guy.

I couldn't help but stick out my tongue and suck out the juice that was in my panties. It came to me almost instantly. Again such a fountain escaped me like in the cellar !!

Then I cleaned up first.

I took the panties and wiped everything up.

Only now it occurred to me that I messed up the whole great scent with my sperm. It ran through my head like that! Then; What to do with that thing now?

At first I thought I should hide it well so my wife wouldn't find it. But then I thought it would be best to keep it in the neighbour's laundry basket. After all, that's where it belongs.

I tucked it in my pants pocket and ran very quickly into the cellar and hid it under the pile of other laundry.

When I came back up from the basement I heard Lisa coming down the stairs.

I was about to blush. Lisa smiled at me, squinting one eye and said hello, lifted her skirt briefly so I could see that she was wearing her panties with the red dots again and left the house.

I was so curious how it would go on!

But again nothing happened for a few days. Every day I struggled not to run down to the basement and look for Lisa's panties. I became addicted to the scent.

My imagination ran away with me. I wanted more!

I knew she was playing with me. As small as she was. She was still very far from being a woman, but she already seemed to know a woman's weapons well.

She made me wriggle like a fish on a line. I rarely went to the balcony, because now all of a sudden, every time I saw her in the garden, I was given an animal stand.

One afternoon I heard splashing, laughing, giggling from outside. I went to the terrace to see what was there.

Lisa was playing in the paddling pool with her little sister. She was wearing a pink bikini, through the damp fabric you could see all the contours exactly. The nipples literally shone through the fabric. The panties had already pulled right in front between the labia and formed everything my heart desires.

Only hair did not show. Had none grown or already shaved?

Suddenly I heard a voice calling my name; Hey come over, we're splashing around so funny right now, I've got a cold beer too. Corinna Lisa's mom!

Actually, I was afraid that you would see my horniness. It was tight in my pants again.

But I couldn't and didn't want to miss the sight of the almost naked Lisa. So I went like a bolt of lightning. I sat down at the camping table with Lisa's mom. Lisa's mom wasn't without it either, even approx.

160cm small but with neat boobs that are already hanging abundantly.

She handed me a bottle of Krombacher that she had already opened for me.

Now a smaltalk began about this and that. I kept trying to cast an inconspicuous look at Lisa. The fact that I was always in the direction of the paddling pool then looked up to the neighbor quite quickly.

You would probably also like to splash around with it, it gushed out of her! (Oh yes, and how I would have liked that) Put on a bathing suit and we'll go in with you.

She continued.

I answered ne ne quickly. The two of us are probably too big for the small pool.

Lisa had noticed and laughed loudly.

Then take a look at my daughter. Hasn't she already become a real lady, with all the trimmings? And the bikini looks great on her.

Her figure really comes into its own.

I just thought to myself; if you only knew how much I noticed that !?

We sat there for a while and Lisa came to the table every now and then to have a drink. Each time she came very close to me with her breasts. I could feel her breath and saw exactly how your nipples were. Why did the nipples stand? Was she as horny as me? Or was it just because she was wet and the wind was blowing something? Cold makes nipples stand, too, I told myself.

After approx.

I left the round for 2 hours. I said I still have something to do. In reality, I just wanted to get some relief and jerk off.

After that I felt better!

3 days later, on a Saturday afternoon, my phone rang, at the other end my neighbor Corinna. “Hello, can you make Lisa swim? She made an appointment with friends and now her bike is broken. "

Of course I can do that, was my answer.

5 minutes later Lisa was at the door.

She was wearing a pretty short, snow-white dress. We got in the car and drove off.

On the way she asked me innocently if I could inflate her bike again in the evening. She would have let the air out at the front so that I could drive her.

That bitch! She arranged it that way!

I looked over at her and she said "look what I'm wearing" and lifted her skirt a little.

She wore the tight pink bikini under her skirt. She spread her legs a little and slowly ran her right hand up over her pubic mound.

Then she asked me if I would like to come for a swim. I said that first of all I didn't feel like spending the afternoon with a lot of teenagers and that I didn't have any swimming trunks either. Now she asked boldly if I didn't know of any place where you can go swimming without swimming trunks.

That about the girlfriends would be fictitious anyway.

I was flabbergasted. Of course I knew places and then I didn't let myself be asked for long and headed straight for a place on the Heubach, I've been there many times and almost never anyone goes there because it is deeply rooted in a farming community. And if someone comes there, you can hardly be seen because everything is overgrown with grass.

Once there, I first looked for a place. A little further from the path in the tall grass, I made a little bed for us and spread the blanket.

Then I started to undress.

Lisa sat there and just watched. When I took off my shorts, my already hard swollen cock jumped out of my pants in a flash!

She said partly horrified and partly amused "Do you always have that kind of latte"

I replied "You know very well that it is your fault" She laughed!

"Now it's your turn to move out" I asked her to defoliate herself. She took off her dress and said "I have a bikini"

Without saying a word, I started getting dressed again. She didn't think that was so great and said "ok, ok I'll do it!"

As if hypnotized, I waited for what I now saw.

First she took off her top, but kept her arms crossed over her chest.

I said "continue"

To take off her panties, she had to remove her arms from her chest. What I then saw almost took my breath away. So wonderfully shaped, evenly round breasts with a large areola and hard protruding nipples. The nipples looked a bit on, actually much too big for these little breasts.

When she had taken off her panties, she held it out to me and said "smell it" I couldn't be told twice.

I almost ripped the panties out of her hand and held them right under my nose. There it was again that scent! And then I noticed that the panties were all wet again in the crotch. Her cleft was completely closed, actually just a smooth fold of skin. Not a single hair to be seen.

She asked me to jerk off again, she wanted to watch me.

I then suggested that we both do it ourselves and watch each other do it. She agreed.

So soon afterwards we both knelt on the blanket and did it ourselves. I jerked my hard cock and she pulled her delicate labia apart with her left hand and rubbed her clit with her right hand, every now and then ran her fingers deep into her column, probably to smear something on the fingers. Only now could I see her inner labia, so small and fine.

I couldn't watch it for a long time.

I said "go on, I want to lick you now, I want to stick my tongue deep into your wet crevice and suck out all your juice."

I hadn't quite finished yet, I jumped up, rolled over on my back and pushed myself under her from the front. There she was now, the sweet and already dripping wet girl's cunt I had dreamed of for so long. I just stuck out my tongue and stabbed it straight into her wet grotto. She winced! But now I didn't let myself be stopped, sucked and licked as much as I could.

Suddenly I noticed how my cock took and slowly began to jerk him. I finally ordered her to suck it but nothing happened.Well at least she jerked him off for me.

I was now stretching my licking movements. Time forward to the clitoris which she replied with a flinch and a short sigh as I sucked tight.

Then I pushed her further forward to get my tongue further back through her wet furrow. Then I massaged her anus with the tip of my tongue. Suddenly she began to moan softly and sigh. Apparently she liked that.

Surprisingly, she got up, turned, and sat down on me again.

A little above my lance. This was now rubbing against her back.

She whispered in my ear "And now please make me a woman please" She got up to sit down a little lower on my cock again.

I immediately grabbed my almost exploding cock and gently drove her column long.

Up and down, back and forth, and then I inserted the tip. Just the top. Then I looked into her face and I could see clearly that she was afraid of it. As a precaution, she had already gritted her teeth.

Then I pulled it out again. She looked at me a little perturbed.

I said “we are not allowed to do that” she replied “yes! I looked it up on the internet, I'm already old enough for it and you are not my teacher or something "

She was right!

From a purely legal point of view, that's probably not a problem!

I replied “my sweetie, we still have so much time, I want to do everything with you and experience a lot, but that doesn't have to be all today. Let's not start with the finale right away. There are still so many ways to live out your lust.

Now I want you to suck my cock first. "

She looked a bit reproachful and I think I saw some disgust in her eyes.

I said "come here and open your mouth" only reluctantly she came towards me, stuck her tongue out a little and touched the tip of my hard cock very carefully. "Come on, take it all the way in your mouth and suck it like a lolly" I escaped. Slowly she opened her lips and he could finally slide in. "So now suck a little and stroke it with your tongue."

And she did! The initial disgust seemed to have vanished quickly.

She sucked now what it takes and waxed it with her lips, pushed him in and out. It was like being in seventh heaven. Was that a blow mouth. I was just about to cum and wondered if I just put it in her mouth !?

I decided to just do it and right after that, give her a deep French kiss and share my juice with her.

I grabbed her head so she couldn't pull it back and thrust twice more. A thick gush poured into her mouth. As expected, she tried to pull her head away. I held him tight until my cock had shot the last load.

Then I pulled her head back and leaned over her to shove my tongue deep into her mouth.

I think she still had all the juice in her mouth. A lot was already running out of the corner of her mouth, I sucked as much as I could out of her mouth and swallowed it down. When she noticed this, she swallowed a few times too.

Only now did I see that a few tears were running down her cheeks from her eyes.

I took my tongue out of her mouth and asked "What's the matter my sweetie?" She replied; "I was so scared and almost choked, thought I had to suffocate and I was disgusted by the sperm"

I told her not to be disgusted with sperm. She was also very surprised that I swallowed my own juice. "Nothing I ask of you I would not do myself" I answered her. Now a smile came over her face and she breathed "I love you"

"But now I'm satisfied for the time being and it's time to take care of your satisfaction," I said and asked her to kneel down and stretch her bum towards me.

She looked at me questioningly, but then did what I said. Now I had the sweet little butt in front of me, the little girl's cunt was completely closed, only a small opening just before the anus gave an idea of ​​what was hidden underneath. It shone and sparkled in the sunlight because it was so damp. I poked my tongue into said small opening ...

mhmmm it came out of her mouth. I now moved my tongue further upwards to poke her like an arrow into her little butthole. Now she let out an ahhhh ... She seems to like it !? I thought.

And so she fucked a few more times with her tongue in this sweet, tight hole. Slowly she began to breathe harder and moan slightly.

I pulled my tongue back and asked if she liked it. She immediately replied "yes go on, don't stop, please go on."

But now I turned her on her back to be able to do your column from the front. I then reached under her knees to bend and spread her legs wide.

Now I dived and ran my tongue as deep as I could into her little virgin fuck hole. Worked my way up her little crevice with light circular movements until I got to her little cherry. I sucked on her little clit firmly and massaged it firmly with the tip of my tongue. At first she screamed a loud ahhhhh that got longer and longer and turned into a soft ahhhh ...... yahhh .. ... yahhh ... ..

ohhhhh..yahh. passed over. She now pressed her pelvis firmly against my mouth, her hands came and pulled my head firmly forward. Now I thought I must suffocate.

I tried to keep going, but every now and then I had to throw my head back a little to be able to breathe through my nose. Now she was ready ……… I felt exactly how her thighs pressed tighter around my head and heard a firm twitch from her sweet girl's cunt. Now juice came from her lap towards me, I tried to take in as much of it with my mouth as I could. The rest hit me in the face.

Damn it is one that cums during orgasm, I had only heard about it until then but never experienced it myself. How cool was that?

Now I let go of her. She went back a lot and immediately crossed her arms over her face. I heard a whimper.

Was she howling now? And why?

"What's the matter?" I asked. She then told me that she was embarrassed that she had injected her pee in my face. That would always happen when it comes to you.

I explained to her that this is not urine but female ejaculate, even if I don't know exactly where it comes from. And besides, I wouldn't have cared if it had been her pee.

Sooner or later I would want to try that anyway.

Now she looked so shocked again. "How to try my pee?" I told her that I had always dreamed of sipping a woman's pee straight from the spring! She only understood the station!

Then I explained; Pee is urine / pee ... The source is the woman's pussy.

She was horrified again! I calmed her down and explained to her that the urine is completely sterile when it comes out of the ureter. She replied "I still find it disgusting!"

Now I wanted to know! I told her that I would like to try it out right now and right here on the spot.

She turned away from me a little and whispered a soft nöööö. I lay down on my back anyway and lifted her up onto my face with her small buttocks. My mouth now wide open encircled the whole sweet girl cunt. She looked straight into my eyes from above and said, “I can't do this.

Not now and not on command. ”I lifted her up a little so that I could speak and told her to squeeze as hard as she could. Took my hands and pressed hard on her bladder.

Suddenly it bubbled! It was all over my face. I couldn't swallow as much as I suddenly got. She must have been under pressure! I took in as much of the golden juice as I could.

A dream had just come true !! I was so happy! When the electricity ended, she got off me. I had kept a big gulp in my mouth, pulled her over to me and gave her another big French kiss. On the occasion, I squeezed the whole load of her piss into her mouth. She swallowed right away and I only released her when the last drop had been swallowed.

"So what?" I asked. "Was that disgusting?" "Not really," she replied, "I imagined the taste would be worse" and smiled again with satisfaction.

So we lay in the sun for a few hours and caressed each other tenderly. Then we jumped into the water again and freshened up. Then we drove home.

In the hallway she gave me another kiss, said thank you and disappeared upstairs.

I entered our apartment where my wife received me. "Hello, what have you been doing all day today?" She asked. I replied succinctly "Oh, I took Lisa away to swim and because the weather was so nice I went to the Heubach and let the sun shine a little on my bum."

A short time later the phone rang again, again Corinna (Lisa's mom) she asked if I could not even see what was going on with Lisa's bike. I almost slipped out that it just had to be pumped up! I agreed and a little later went over to Corinna's garage to check on the bike.

When I was inflating my bike in the garage, Lisa suddenly stood behind me and whispered “Hello my darling, are you repairing my bike? Look what I have for you! ”And held her bikini panties under my nose again.

"So that you will not forget me"

I quickly grabbed it and stowed it deep in my pocket! "How should I ever forget you after what I experienced with you today" I replied quickly.

Then I said "no wonder your bike had a flat tire, someone must have unscrewed your valve" and winked at her! "You can tell your mom that everything is fine now."

Shortly afterwards Corinna came down to us and brought a few bottles of cold Krombacher with her. She handed me the bottles and said that was for all that was done for her daughter today. I had to swallow deeply !! If she only knew what I did with her daughter today!

I just replied “I had a lot of fun!” And touched my trouser pocket again.

A few days later I met Corinna, she was in the garden and I was smoking on the terrace.

She came to me and told me with delight that Lisa must have fallen in love with a boy while she was swimming. I asked how she came up with it. She said Lisa has drawn a big red heart on her calendar for this day. I had to smile! I said "She's slowly getting to the age where you have your first sexual experiences"

Corinna didn't seem really happy about this and replied “She still has plenty of time for that.

At that age we just experimented among us girls "

That made me curious again. "How ? Have you experimented with girls? Keep telling! You make me curious now "

But she didn't want to give me any details.

But after that my imagination became independent again. Has Lisa already done experiments with a friend? I should just ask her. I would do that at the next opportunity.

And this opportunity came on the same day! Again her mother was still in the business, my wife was still working and her little sister was still in kindergarten.

The doorbell rings.

I open it and Lisa stands in front of it. She was only wearing a bathrobe. She said "I'm missing something" and opened the bathrobe. She was only wearing her bikini top.

"I think you still have the panties !?"

The sight of her sweet girl's cunt, so bare and smooth, made my cock explode again in my pants.

I pulled her in quickly and closed the door. In no time at all, I pulled my pants down and pressed them to my knees. She knew immediately what I wanted. Kneeled down immediately took my cock in hand, massaged something and pushed it into his mouth.

I then slowly started to fuck this little fuck mouth. Always firmer and deeper, every now and then she made strangling sounds then I drove my temper down a bit. I didn't mean to scare them away.

I cheered her on "Yes, go ahead, suck my cock, you horny pig.

Fuck me with your hot fuck mouth until I can shoot my cream in your throat. Go suck harder, you little bastard "

I had the feeling that she turned it on because she was getting more and more impetuous and sucked and sucked now like mad.

I already felt how it rose in me and I pushed a few more times and now her gagging no longer bothered me either. I held her head tight and pushed my cock as far as possible into her throat.

Then I came, I sprayed my fountain directly into her throat.

Then I pulled her up again and gave her another big French kiss. Her mouth was still full of sperm that we now whisked with our tongues in our mouths. When we had swallowed the last drop, we broke up.

Then she said again that she would love me very much and do everything I want. But that I have to do what she wants now.

I Agreed! "And what can I do for you now?" I asked. "Do the same thing as last time at the stream, lick me until I cum. I want to inject everything into your mouth again. I know how hot that makes you. "

That was of course a request that I couldn't resist.

I tossed her over my shoulder and hurried with her to our bedroom.

There I threw her on our bed, grabbed under her knees and spread her legs and angled them as far as I could. I immediately sucked on her little clitty and worked it with my tongue. I sucked as hard as I could and kept clicking my tongue over it. I felt exactly how she slowly but surely came towards her climax.

She was already panting and groaning like a little walrus and her breath got faster and faster. Now I took my right index finger, moistened it a little in her little can and ran it down to the butt hole. I first massaged a little over the sphincter to then jerk her finger in. She screamed out loud once and pulled all her muscles together at the same time.

A huge fountain splashed out of your little cunt again. I swallowed as much as I could. Now she relaxed again a little.

We then lay on the bed for a while, my mouth right on her little cunt. I now gently licked every drop of her juice from her thighs.

Then I crawled up to her and put my right index finger gently into her mouth. She circled it with her tongue and sucked on it lightly. "Oh my darling, that was soooo great," she whispered. And kissed me tenderly and deeply.

I then whispered in her ear "that was the finger I just used to fuck your bum."

She just looked at me and gave me another kiss and breathed "You are so crazy"

Now it was time for me to ask if she had ever experimented with a friend. When asked, she looked at me with wide eyes. She was clearly embarrassed.

"You don't need to be embarrassed, I've already sucked another cock"

Then she started to tell that she has a friend at school and that she has stayed there several times and that they have already tried a few things. It would have started with practicing French kisses.

Then they would have fondled each other's fingers and tested a 69 position.

Wow! I thought. "When was that?" I asked innocently. "Yesterday," she replied.

Now I was shocked! "I wanted to show her what you did to me" I was shocked again! "Does she know about me?"

"Well, I told her a few things," she replied softly and full of remorse.

Now I had to think about something quickly so that the shot didn't backfire. I quickly had an idea how to silence the two of them.

I calmed her down first and said that none of this is so bad and that after all we have not broken any law. My idea was to get her as far as secretly filming herself and her friend fumbling around for me. So I told her that the thought of it made me horny again.

"Please make a secret video of it, just for me! We'll look at that together.

That really gets me going. "

I promised her for a week that I would fulfill any of her wishes that she might have.

Of course, she jumped straight to that and immediately planned a meeting with her friend. Then we said goodbye to each other, she went upstairs again. First I had to remove the stains from the bed and re-cover it.

It wasn't that easy to explain to my wife, after all, I've never made a new bed. As an excuse I got a coffee and poured it into bed. Found an excuse!

Now I was just waiting for the promised video from Lisa!

On the following Saturday Lisa stayed at her friend's place, that's how I found out from Corinna. I said to Corinna “I hope they won't experiment like you used to” and shut her eye.

The answer was a short "asshole you"

Secretly, however, I was hoping for a live recording of all the messes that the girls came up with together.

You can find out how it went on in the next chapter.

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