Pets are a form of technology

10 current trends for 2021 in the animal world

It's official - modern pets are seriously pampered. From blow drying to pedicures ... pet owners can't get enough of the luxury lifestyle when it comes to their pets. Digital products are also gaining fans.


While pet adoption has increased lately, it has been a trend for some time thanks to millennials. In Germany, 17% of all pet owners are under 29 years of age. Ascending trend!

More luxury life for pets

Millennials have also changed the way families treat their pets. Where a cat used to be good at catching mice and a dog lived outside and guarded the house, this view has almost disappeared in recent years. Millennials see pets as members of their family and often choose to live with pets rather than having children.

This shift in mentality has resulted in an increase in spending on these pets, as has the way that money is spent. Millennial pet owners spend their money online and on higher quality goods or services for their pets.


PetKit - A new drinking fountain for pets and away with those plastic buckets!


Organic and sustainable

Luxury pet brands and quality products are becoming increasingly popular. This also applies to brands of pet food. Natural and organic products overtake the cheaper, synthetic alternatives.

One study found that 47 percent of organic owners would also feed their pets organic foods. As consumers invest more and more in sustainable products, this trend seems to be spreading to pets as well.

The top pet food trends in 2021 include:

  • Raw Food: A diet that includes raw meat, bones, fish, and vegetables.
  • Old Grains: A low-gluten to gluten-free diet that includes millet, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, teff, and chia seeds.

The choice of different types of food is overwhelming. Due to the flooded market, more and more pet owners are turning to independentAnimal Nutrition Advisorespecially if the pet develops allergies.



Also individually for your own pet created lining will gain popularity in 2021, as the German startup Hurrado shows.

Natural alternatives Things like cat litter and natural fiber toys also sell better than cheap, synthetic counterparts. For cat boarding houses or dog daycare centers, this could mean only offering environmentally friendly products and using this as a unique selling point to reach customers.

Top Selling Natural Pet Products Include:

  • Cat and dog food
  • cat litter
  • Flea and tick repellants
  • Care products
  • Products for older pets
  • toy


CBD hemp products for pets

Closely tied to the trend towards sustainable and natural products, CBD has recently flooded the markets and the pet industry is no exception. In the event that you do not know this: CBD, i.e. cannabidiol from the hemp plant, is widely regarded as an effective remedy for e.g. fear and stress in humans and animals.

What are the laws currently saying?
CBD is legal in Germany if it is offered in the form of cosmetics or dietary supplements and contains less than 0.2 percent THC. A healing promise of the products may not be given.

Mobile dog groomers

Since convenience is the be-all and end-all for pet owners with a busy schedule, the mobile grooming paradise is becoming increasingly popular.

A mobile groomer is ideal for those who work full time and cannot take their dog to a traditional grooming salon that is open regularly. It also attracts customers who cannot drive or have no access to public transport. Best of all, it's generally less stressful for pets. In addition, this brings even more advantages in the pandemic time!


Technology for pets is on the rise

Not only is online shopping revolutionizing the pet industry, pet technology is also growing rapidly. Products such as automatic feeders and automated toys are increasingly appearing on the market. This technology has revolutionized the way people interact with their pets while they are away from home.

Other trends in the pet industry in 2021

Wildlife photography: Who doesn't want beautiful, professional photos of their animals? With a perfect photo, it is much easier to create other individualized products such as: hand-painted mural by PetSuns, printed pillows, animal puzzles or calendars.

Animal care: Pet sitting provides convenience and peace of mind when pet parents work and travel. Stop by blepi to find a suitable pet sitter nearby.

Upscale animal cures: Pet parents enjoy high quality, holistic pet services such as acupuncture, pedicures, massages, facials and spa treatments.

Self-service dog wash: Self-service dog washes make it easy for pet owners to wash their pets with quality products without wreaking havoc at home. More on this.

Veterinary telemedicine services: Virtual veterinary services like Hello Vet are not only handy for the busy schedules of pet parents, but also offer a safe alternative to visiting the vet's office during the pandemic.


These are just ten examples of pet industry trends to watch out for in 2021. It is predicted that pet parents will spend even more on their pets compared to last year, so there are ample opportunities for growth in various pet products and services in the pet industry.


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