Do eggs have lactose

Lactose in egg? - How to eat if you are intolerant

Some people are lactose intolerant. This makes nutrition more difficult, as these people experience health problems when they consume lactose. But do eggs contain lactose?

What is lactose

  • Lactose is the technical term for milk sugar. Lactose is also written lactose, which always means the same sugar.
  • This is mainly found in milk and products containing milk. These products get their carbohydrate content almost entirely from this lactose.
  • Lactose is a so-called double sugar.
  • Lactose is a very important component in mammalian breast milk. This gives the suckled children the carbohydrates they need for growth.
  • In the food industry, lactose is also used to manufacture many products - for example, frozen products to change their texture. This is also used for many creamy foods, as lactose has a very good "cream effect" here.

What lactose intolerance means

  • In childhood, all mammals have a certain enzyme that is responsible for digesting milk sugar. The lactose has to be broken down so that the body can digest it.
  • This enzyme is called lactase and is now only marginally present in an adult. The digestion of milk sugar can become problematic for the body.
  • But since people, especially in Northern Europe, consume a lot of dairy products, the human body has adapted and the enzyme is more present.
  • When the body lacks this enzyme, the lactose cannot be digested and absorbed. Then one speaks of a lactose intolerance.

Diet with lactose intolerance possible with eggs?

  • Eggs do not contain lactose. How should lactose get into the eggs? Eggs are laid by chickens that are not mammals.
  • Eggs are therefore harmless even if you are lactose intolerant.
  • However, it is important to pay attention to dairy products, the food industry has already brought lactose-free milk onto the market. This is widespread and therefore available in every supermarket.
  • If you are lactose intolerant, you should also read the table of contents of the products you buy. Many products contain milk sugar as an additive, so to speak.
  • As this disease is becoming more and more common, some products clearly bear the title "lactose-free". Here you can safely access it.

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