Where is Lee Harvey Oswald buried

Lee Harvey Oswaldwas born on October 18, 1939 in Slidell, Louisiana (a suburb of New Orleans).

Oswald was one of two sons of Robert Edward Lee Oswald
OSWALD, Robert Edward Lee (*04.03.1896 - †19.08.1939)

American insurance cashier and father of the alleged Kennedy murderer. Robert Edward Lee Oswald died of sudden heart failure two months before his son was born.

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and his wife Marguerite Frances Claverie
OSWALD, Marguerite Francis (née CLAVERIE, ex. PIC, ex. EKDAHL) (*19.07.1907 - †17.01.1981)

American housewife and casual laborer and mother of the alleged Kennedy murderer. Marguerite Oswald died of cancer and was buried right next to her son.

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. His father died three months before he was born. His uncle Charles Murret acted as a surrogate father for Lee
MURRET, Charles Ferdinand "Dutz" (*02.03.1901 - †12.10.1964)

American boat dealer. However, Murret was mainly active as a bookmaker in the gambling business with relevant contacts in organized crime. He was the uncle of Lee Harvey Oswald, who also lived with him for a while, and was a kind of surrogate father for him. Murret died of carcinoma.

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, a bookmaker for the gambling mafia. Oswald's mother was among others with the mafia lawyer Clem Sehrt
VERY, Clem H. (* August 19, 1909 - † June 1974)

US amer. Lawyer.
Sehrt worked for various sizes of the American Mafia and was friends with Lee Harvey Oswald's mother.

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friends. Oswald's biological brother was Robert E. L. Oswald Jr.
OSWALD, Robert Edward Lee, Jr. (*07.04.1934 - †27.11.2017)

Elder brother of the alleged Kennedy killer.
Robert was convinced until his death that his brother was actually solely responsible for the death of the president. In this regard, he clearly distanced himself from what his mother said. In 1967 he published a book called "Lee: A Portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald by His Brother". He gave several interviews for reportage in the last few years before his death and lived a middle-class life in Wichita Falls, Texas, which is where he eventually died.

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He also had a half-brother named John Pic
PIC, John Edward (*17.01.1932 - †25.04.2000)

Half-brother of Lee Harvey Oswald from his mother's first marriage.
Pic had embarked on a career in the Air Force and the Coast Guard and had little contact with his half-brother, whom he had last seen on Thanksgiving in 1962 and whose emigration to the Soviet Union he strongly disapproved of. He said that he was convinced of Oswald's guilt, but in the following years always tried to avoid the subject and lived rather withdrawn.

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from his mother's previous marriage. The family moved very often in Oswald's youth - around twenty addresses of his are known, including in Fort Worth, New Orleans and the Bronx in New York City.

Lee Harvey Oswald was a rather introverted child with a proven high IQ. At the age of 16, Lee Oswald joined a militia by the name of Civil Air Patrol(CAP) in New Orleans by the pilot and later private investigator David Ferrie
FERRIE, David William (*28.03.1918 - †22.02.1967)

American pilot and private investigator. Ferrie was briefly targeted by investigators in connection with the Kennedy assassination attempt. He also became the main witness in a criminal investigation by the New Orleans District Attorney, but died under mysterious circumstances before he could testify. The autopsy revealed a berry aneurysm as the cause of death. An opened bottle of Proloid was found in the house, which could have caused this symptom in Ferrie. Two typed farewell letters lying next to him were unsigned.

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who had been involved in CIA-covered secret operations against Cuba during those years.
At the age of 16, Oswald tried to register for service with the US Marine Corps. At the request of his mother, attorney Sehrt is said to have changed Oswald's birth certificate to enable his entry into the corps. Eight days after his 17th birthday on October 26, 1956, he began his training with the elite troops. In a check with the M1 rifle, he almost reached the minimum for a sniper training, three years later he came in a further check on one point more than necessary for a qualification as a sniper. Accordingly, he was considered to be only a mediocre marksman among his comrades. Oswald later worked in aerial surveillance and was im Naval Air Technical Training Centertrained on radar in Jacksonville, Florida. Oswald was noticed because he was Marx
MARX, Karl (*05.05.1818 - †14.03.1883)

Marx was a philosopher, economist, social theorist, political journalist, protagonist of the labor movement and critic of bourgeois society.
Together with Friedrich Engels, he became the most influential theoretician of socialism and communism. To this day, his theories are controversial. Kennedy mentioned him during his speech before the American Newspaper Publishers Association.

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LENIN, Vladimir Ilyich (née ULJANOW) (*22.04.1870 - †21.01.1924)

Russian communist politician and revolutionary as well as Marxist theorist, chairman of the Bolshevik Party and the resulting Communist Party of Russia (1912-1924), head of government of the Russian SFSR (1917-1924) and then the Soviet Union (1922-1924), as its founder it applies. From 1901 he gave himself the battle name (or alias) "Lenin". The alleged Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald described himself as a "Marxist-Leninist" with regard to his political views.

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is well known. Even so, he was never approached by his superiors. Oswald also learned Russian during this time.

On August 22, 1957, after completing his training, he was stationed at the secret air force base Atsugi in Japan, from where the U-2 - at that time one of the most secret projects in the USA - took off on spy flights towards the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China. It was here that Oswald came into contact with top secret information for the first time. In November 1958 Oswald was stationed at the El Toro naval base in California, but in September 1959 asked for an early release due to the poor health of his mother, which was granted to him four weeks before the regular end of his service on September 18, 1959.

On September 20, 1959, two days after his retirement from military service, Oswald made a detour from New Orleans to the Soviet Union. He reached Moscow on October 16. In a letter dated October 17, Oswald informed the Soviet authorities that he wanted to become a Soviet citizen. The authorities then informed him that his tourist visa had expired. With a - probably fake - suicide attempt (Oswald cut his wrists) he gained time. On October 31, he went to the American embassy in Moscow to give up his US citizenship, but was turned away because it was a Saturday and the department responsible was vacant. As far as was known, the Soviets did not know at the time whether they could trust Oswald or whether he was an American agent. With the appearance at the US embassy, ​​Oswald obviously wanted to underline his trustworthiness. The KGB recommended that he be granted a one-year residence permit and put Oswald through its paces. In his first year, Oswald was bugged around the clock by agents of the Soviet secret service, and every word he said was verifiably meticulously recorded.

On January 8, 1960, Oswald arrived in Minsk to be examined more closely by the KGB. During this time, Oswald's trail is lost for about six weeks - he was probably at the KGB to reveal radar secrets. He turned up at a radar factory in Minsk, got 700 rubles a week, had affairs and enjoyed the attentions given to a defector. Later he met the pharmacology student Marina Nikolajewna Prusakowa
OSWALD, Marina Nikolayevna (née PRUSAKOVA, historically PORTER) (*17.07.1941)

Russian pharmacist and widow of Lee Harvey Oswald.
Marina has been contradicting her ex-husband's guilt issue in connection with the Kenndy murder over the years. Most recently she was of the opinion that Oswald had worked, among other things, for the FBI and she was convinced that at least he had not done it alone. In 1965 she married the electrician Kenneth Jess Porter, but divorced in 1974 and has since lived (allegedly again with her divorced husband) in Rockwall, a suburb of Dallas.

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know, the niece of a colonel in the Russian secret service, who at first thought he was a Baltic because of his good knowledge of Russian. They married on April 30, 1961. Their first child, June Lee Oswald
PORTER, June Lee (née OSWALD) (*25.02.1962)

Eldest daughter of Marina and Lee Harvey Oswald. After her mother's marriage to Kenneth Jess Porter in 1965, she took Porter's family name.

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, was born on February 15, 1962.

His temporary residence permit was extended without difficulty, with Oswald appearing to have managed to convert his honorable release from the Marines to a dishonorable one in September. However, he presented himself to the US embassy on February 13, 1961, where he tried to arrange his departure. On May 10, 1962, he was informed that his return journey to the United States had been arranged.

On June 13, 1962, Oswald returned to the United States with his wife Marina and daughter June. The Foreign Office advanced Oswald's travel expenses and issued him a passport. According to other sources, Oswald had Senator John Tower as early as December 1961
TOWER, John Goodwin (*29.09.1925 - †05.04.1991)

American Police Officer from Dallas, Texas. According to the Warren Report, Tippit was allegedly shot dead in the street by alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald about 45 minutes after the shooting at Kennedy during a routine check. In January 1964, Tippit was posthumously die Medal of Valor the National Police Hall of Fame awarded and he also received the Police Medal of Honor, the Police Cross and the Citizens Traffic Commission Award of Heroism.

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and asked for assistance in obtaining a visa and travel expenses for his family. Oswald's stay was probably only prolonged by the pregnancy of his wife Marina. Neither the Soviet nor the American authorities caused difficulties for the Oswalds at this point.

Immediately after the Oswalds arrived in New York, the family moved to Fort Worth, Texas and stayed there until October 7, 1962. On October 8, 1962, they moved to Dallasum. Here Oswald initially worked in a welding shop, but quit after three weeks and took up a job Jagger-Stovall-Chileat. This company produced, among other things, military maps for the United States Army, the Pentagon and other agencies; however, Oswald had no access to the areas with the documents classified as secret. However, he used the company's available equipment to produce false identification papers in the name of "Alek James Hidell". After his superiors had already had reason to complain about Oswald's poor work performance and his uncouth behavior - there had almost been fights in the company on several occasions - they fired him on April 1, 1963 because he was reading the Soviet satirical magazine "Krokodil "had read. Ten days later, Oswald is said to have tried Major General Edwin A. Walker
WALKER, Edwin Anderson (*10.11.1909 - †31.10.1993)

US amer. Military officer with the rank of Major General. Walker was removed from office by President Kennedy in 1961 because he represented his right-wing extremist views among his subordinates and distributed appropriate propaganda magazines. Oswald also became aware of him and, according to the Warren report, tried to shoot Walker through a house window on April 10, 1963. Walker was only slightly injured, however. It was only after the Kennedy assassination that Oswald was linked to the Walker assassination through finds in his apartment.

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to shoot a retired right-wing general who was removed from his command by President Kennedy in 1961 for writing propaganda from the John Birch Societydistributed among his subordinates. As a result, he left the military and returned to Texas.

For this attack, Oswald is said to have used the rifle that can be seen in the photo taken on March 31, and which the Warren Commission believes he had sent to a post office box under his false name, A. Hidell, that same month. He is also said to have bought a revolver by post at that time. Oswald is said to have observed Walker's house several days beforehand and also took photos. In the event that he was arrested after the attack, he is said to have left a note in Russian for his wife. Walker was working on his tax return in the dining room of his house when he was shot at from about thirty yards on April 10, 1963. The bullet was deflected by the wooden window frame and only injured the ex-general on the forearm. The Dallas police did not suspect Oswald after the failed murder attempt. The mentioned note and photos of Walker's house in his apartment are said to have been found only after the assassination attempt on the president. Thereupon his widow also stated that Oswald had planned to shoot the general, but that he had only told her about it after the attack. At the end of April 1963, Oswald and his family moved to New Orleans.

Oswald offered his services to Cubans in exile from Miami in July 1963 at a guerrilla training camp in Lacombe. At the beginning of August he told Castro
CASTRO RUZ, Fidel Alejandro (*13.08.1926 - †25.11.2016)

Cuban head of government (1959-2008) and president (1976-2008).
With the July 26th Movement (M-26-7), Castro was the driving force behind the Cuban revolution against the dictator Batista in 1959. In mid-2006, Fidel Castro suffered an intestinal haemorrhage and had to undergo a complicated operation. As a result, he initially resigned only "temporarily" and then finally resigned from his political offices at the beginning of 2008. With a total of 49 years, Castro was the longest reigning ruler of the 20th and early 21st centuries.

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- Opponents that he would train Cubans in exile and play a role in the overthrow of Castro. ♦

In the summer of 1963, Oswald referred to himself as the organization's secretary Fair Play for Cuba Committee, FPCC for short, in New Orleans, Campstrasse 544. Oswald had stamped the address on leaflets. Apart from Oswald, no other member of the alleged organization is known. How the poor Oswald financed the printing of the leaflet is unknown. His lawyer, Dean Andrews
ANDREWS, Dean Adams, Jr. (*08.10.1922 - †01.04.1981)

American attorney in New Orleans.
Andrews came forward in connection with the New Orleans investigation. A local businessman is said to have hired Andrews as a lawyer for Oswald.

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the Warren Committee later reported that Oswald had been paid to distribute it. He distributed leaflets against a possible US invasion of Cuba on Canal Street and was harassed by anti-Castro forces. The police arrested Oswald for disturbing public order. His uncle Murret, for whom Oswald was working as an errand boy at the time, organized the deposit of bail through a local mafiosi.

These events caught the attention of a local reporter on his radio show Latin Listening Poston the transmitter WDSUreported about it. The radio station gave Oswald two appointments to present his position, which he took on August 17th and 21st and in which he presented himself as a supporter of Fidel Castro and a Marxist-Leninist.

Oswald left New Orleans on September 24, 1963. His wife was already on September 23rd with daughter June of her friend Ruth Paine
PAINE, Ruth Avery Hyde (née HYDE) (*03.09.1932)

Friend of Marina Oswald, who lived with her for a while while her husband was in New Orleans. Her home is in Irving, a suburb of Dallas. Even while Oswald was looking for work in Dallas, Marina lived with the Paines. Her husband had hidden the murder rifle in their garage. On the night of November 22nd, 1963, Oswald had stayed there. The house was bought by the city in 2009, restored to its state from 1963 and opened as a museum for the anniversary in November 2013.

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was brought to Dallas by car. Oswald himself traveled by bus to Mexico City, where he tried in vain to get a visa for Cuba. On October 4, 1963, he returned to New Orleans. Nine days later, through the mediation of Ruth Paine, he got a job at the Texas School Book Depository. On October 20, his second daughter, Audrey Marina Rachel Oswald, arrived
PORTER, Audrey Marina Rachel (née OSWALD) (*23.10.1963)

Younger daughter of Marina and Lee Harvey Oswald. After her mother's marriage to Kenneth Jess Porter in 1965, she took Porter's family name.

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to world.

On the morning of the 22ndNovember 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald started work at 8:00 a.m. Texas School Book Depositoryon. It is from there that he is said to have fired the fatal shots at US President John F. Kennedy at around 12:30 p.m. Then Oswald should leave his work and go to his name O. H. Leerented room, where he arrived around 1 p.m. There he put his revolver in his pocket and, according to the report of one of four eyewitnesses, was supposed to report to police officer J. D. Tippit between 13:05 and 13:15
TIPPIT, J.D. (possibly "Jefferson Davis", according to his older brother's statement the initials "J.D." have no meaning) (*18.09.1924 - †22.11.1963)

US amer. Dallas, Texas Police Officer. According to the Warren Report, Tippit was allegedly shot dead in the street by alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald about 45 minutes after the shooting at Kennedy during a routine check. In January 1964, Tippit was posthumously die Medal of Valor the National Police Hall of Fame awarded and he also received the Police Medal of Honor, the Police Cross and the Citizens Traffic Commission Award of Heroism.

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have shot. There are also eyewitnesses who did not identify Oswald as a police murderer. The testimony of witnesses is contradictory on this point. A short time later he was arrested by around 15 officers in the "Texas Theater".

After his arrest, Oswald was interrogated for twelve hours under questionable conditions and without a lawyer. His statements were not recorded, although this is one of the police regulations. He denied the police officer's murder. And when asked if he shot President Kennedy, he replied: "I didn't shoot anyone!" and "I was arrested for living in the Soviet Union!"When Oswald learned at the first public performance the next day that he was to be charged with the murder of Kennedy, he shouted:"I'm just a scapegoat!(I'm just a patsy!) ". In addition to many witnesses who had only seen one shooter, there were quite a few witnesses who are said to have noticed a second or third shooter. The alleged observations on site differed considerably. So there were different statements the possible directions of fire as well as the number of shots believed to have been heard.

At 11:21 a.m. on November 24, 1963, two days after his arrest, Oswald was shot by nightclub owner Jack Ruby while he was being transferred to Dallas County Jail. The bullet pierced his stomach, severing two main veins that carry blood to the heart, the spleen, the pancreas, and the right kidney.

Ruby had been able to enter the police building unhindered, the act took place in front of the cameras. Contrary to rumors to the contrary, at this point in time, Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade had
WADE, Henry Menasco (*11.11.1914 - †01.03.2001)

US amer. Lawyer and District Attorney for Dallas, Texas (1947-87). Wade was involved in two of the largest lawsuits in the United States: the trial of Jack Ruby and the legalization of abortion in the Federal Supreme Court.
Wade was also charged with unjustified charges against some suspects during his career, but was exonerated from direct allegations in follow-up investigations.

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, already officially charged with Oswald.

The fact that key witnesses were not admitted to the preliminary investigation by the Warren Commission and that evidence was withheld contributed significantly to the controversy and conspiracy theories in the murder case that have persisted to this day, as has the role of the victim - a symbol of a renewing America. Oswald died 48 hours and 7 minutes after President Kennedy in the same hospital and under the care of the same doctors.

Oswald's widow Marina married Kenneth Jess Porter in 1965
PORTER, Kenneth Jess (*? - †?)

Porter is an electrician based in the Texas city of Richardson. He married Marina Oswald in 1965. According to some reports, they divorced in 1974. However, they currently live together in Rockwall, Texas and have a son.

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(with whom she has a son) and lives to this day (2014) in Rockwall, a suburb of Dallas. Their daughters took the surname Porter.

In his book "The Oswald Files" claimed the British-born star lawyer Michael Eddowes
EDDOWES, Michael H. B. (*??.??.1903 - †??.??.1992)

British lawyer and author.
Eddowes advocated the thesis that one of Oswald's doubles was used in Dallas and was also buried in the grave. In 1981 he enforced its exhumation, but the body was unequivocally identified.

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that an Oswald double had fired the fatal shots at Dallas and the buried body was not Lee Harvey Oswald's. On October 4th, 1981, he even managed to get an exhumation through. As a result, the clear identification of Oswald was confirmed. However, the undertaker who placed Oswald in the coffin in 1963 was certain that the "Viscera Bag" in the coffin was not used in 1963. He identified the rings on his finger and Oswald's clothes as those he had put on Oswald. He was then excluded from the investigation. Oswald resides in Shannon Rose Hill Memorial Park Cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas. ♦

Old and new tombstone of Lee Harvey Oswald