Have you ever had an MFM threesome

Hot number or pure fantasy? The truth about threesome sex

Almost 60 percent of men, according to a survey by eDarling.de, dream of having fun in bed with two women. So just a man's dream? Not quite. After all, every tenth woman can get excited about threesome sex.

The media have long since discovered the threesome for themselves. Be it in the film "On the road", where Kristin Steward can have fun with Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund, or in US series such as "Girls" or "House of Cards". But is threesome sex really suitable for everyday use or are we just emulating the wild media world? Maybe the threesome is just a nice sex fantasy that we dream of at night - but nothing more.

We spoke to sexologist Catherine Blanc about threesome sex.

In the colorful media world, it seems as if everyone has sex in threes. Has the threesome also arrived in real sex life?

Catherine Blanc: In all honesty: Few have tried threesome sex before. Only 13 percent of men can claim to have had sex with two women at the same time. But the topic is selling well in the media. In the end it was swapping partners and porn chic, then Shades of Gray and SM, now it's the threesome.

We just live in an extremely exhibitionistic society that has a strong influence on us - also when it comes to sexuality. Above all, people who define themselves through outward appearances - especially teenagers who are still in the middle of finding out about sexuality - can be very influenced by the 'uniform sexuality' conveyed in the media. And so quite a few teenagers worry about whether they have to master a threesome the first time - which is of course absolute nonsense.

Dreier: The constellation

In which constellation do we dream of sex for three:two men, one woman or the other way around?
The exciting idea of ​​a threesome is present in both men and women in the subconscious, but different when it comes to the constellation. Women dream of sex with two men. Men are more likely to imagine a threesome with two women.

In the first case, i.e. a threesome with two men and one woman, the man who is watching as a voyeur is excited by the thought of rivaling the other man. The woman, on the other hand, is the absolute queen in bed. She is coveted and spoiled by both. The thought of satisfying both men and having to satisfy both can also put pressure on them.

Threesome sex: a man and two women

What about a threesome with two women?
In threesome sex with two women and one man, the man is of course excited to be pampered by two women. In addition, most men find it exciting to watch two women have sex. In addition, the man feels great because he is the only one who can please the women via penetration. Nice side effect for women: Both can live out a conscious or unconscious lesbian fantasy with this threesome.

The rules of the game for threesome sex

So is threesome part of a more fulfilling sex life?
Everyone has to find out for themselves what they like about sex and what they don't. There are couples who have only ever had sex in the missionary position all their lives and are absolutely happy with it. Maybe even more than others who try everything that is offered to them ...

Which rules of the game should one observe in order to realize the three-part fantasy?
This decision should not be taken lightly. It's about your own body. So it is very important to ask yourself a few questions while being honest with yourself.

You should ask yourself these questions BEFORE:

1. Am I doing something good or bad for myself and my relationship?
2. Do I do it consciously and do I pursue my interests and those of my partner?
3. Am I doing it for myself or to do my partner a favor?
4. What place do I take with the strange number 3, i.e. 2 + 1? Am I the one getting into a relationship or do I belong to the number 2? And what role should the third person, whom we bring into our two-way relationship, then take on?
5. Can I deal with it later? With my partner, with the third person, or with the couple who let me join?
6. Am I able to deal with it if it eventually comes out and is passed on?

What are the risks of threesome sex?

What can go wrong when you get involved in a threesome?
Everything is possible and good as long as you know what you are doing while maintaining respect for yourself and your partner. If you are afraid of loss and are more of the jealous type, you should be careful! Because if you accept a second woman next to you in bed just to please your partner, you may regret it bitterly.

And the 'aftermath' can also be sobering. It is not uncommon for the great intoxication to be followed by the sad realization that you feel strange in this role and regret it. In addition, the search for new sex practices can escalate and trigger a kind of 'bulimia' that can never be satisfied. Always faster, higher, further. Sometimes it's the so-called 'normal' sex that is absolutely fulfilling and right for both of you. In no case should you chase a trend.

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