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School at home - this is how it works!

Fixed structures and sufficient breaks

The adults do the home office, the children home school. Simple, isn't it? But even we adults have to get used to working at home. Depending on their age, children are even more overwhelmed. You first have to learn to organize yourself and to find your way around the situation. Support your child and establish a solid structure. When does it learn best? Morning, afternoon or evening? Agree on fixed learning times with your child that correspond to their rhythm and leave enough time for breaks.

From stage to stage

Small learning goals for every day help younger students in particular. Discuss beforehand what your child can do if they have questions or get stuck: Can they bother you? Should it do other tasks and ask later? Or maybe - if available - ask older siblings first?

There must also be a reward

Has your child made an honest effort, done a task well? Then come up with a nice little reward. How about a handicraft activity, a picnic in the living room or an evening at the cinema with your favorite film?

Avoid being overwhelmed

If a child is stuck on a task for a long time, an interruption is needed. If you lose concentration, a few minutes of exercise can often work wonders. Is the child not getting along with the learning content? Video chat with a classmate can be helpful here. Or you can see if you can find a good explanation on one of the many learning sites.

Communication is the be-all and end-all

Every child is different and comes to terms with the new learning situation differently. Do not be afraid to contact the teacher if there are difficulties or if the workload is too big for your child.

Chatted out of the sewing box: "Mom, let me sleep!"

“Fortunately, our oldest daughter (11th grade) gets along very well with school at home. In contrast to me, she is a real "night owl" and prefers to study late in the evening. Which is why this call rang out from her room every morning. Even if it took some effort at first: Instead of having a grumpy teen spoil the start of the day for me, I let her sleep in and she sits down at the desk in the evening. Works wonderfully. "

Manuela Sontheimer is a specialist advisor for parenting advice and childcare at pme Familienservice and is the mother of three children.


Tips for students

The right place to work

  • Set up a permanent workplace, a desk is better than the sofa or bed.
  • Maintain order and have all the necessary materials (pens, books, notebooks) ready.

A good working atmosphere

  • Always get up at the same time in the morning with the awareness that "school is starting"
  • If you only become really productive in the evening, discuss this with your parents and agree on a fixed time when you start.
  • Even if you like to be comfortable at home: When making video calls, we recommend that you wear clean and tidy clothing.
  • Don't get distracted by apps, turn off all notifications. Even better: it's best to switch off your smartphone completely while studying, just like at school.
  • Make sure that the environment is quiet: close the window when it's loud outside, the door of the room is closed, no music.

Relaxed e-learning

  • If possible, work with a PC or tablet, not with a smartphone.
  • Build in enough breaks and let your gaze wander into the distance again and again to relax your eye muscles.
  • Don't be on the screen for too long, if possible, do things analogously. For example, you can work out tasks on paper and then type them out (with the help of your parents or older siblings).
  • Don't dwell on a task for too long. If you don't understand something, move on to another task and seek help later.
  • Do your chores on time.


The pme parent advice service supports you

Do you often have conflicts with your children about learning? Or do you not have the material from perhaps several years ready to call immediately? Online homework support brings relief here. The employees from the parent advisory service are happy to assist the employees of the pme contracting companies.


Via the pme family service

On behalf of more than 900 employers, the pme Familienservice Group supports employees in successfully balancing work and private life and being able to work with a clear head.
You can find out more about the pme Familienservice Group here: www.familienservice.de/wer-wir-sind


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