Why are teenagers immature

Youngsters - immature for their age


We have a 7-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter, and I also observe that not a few children are overly praised, never have to bite through anywhere, and that impossible behavior for age is constantly being excused instead of pulling the reins on them everything is removed, unpleasant things are kept away, something is constantly bought out of turn for you, etc.

If a sports coach wants the children to work in a concentrated manner instead of fooling around or if he says not to act like that, he is too strict and the child will be logged off before they suffer any psychological damage.

Then there are sometimes comments from the parents that their child is so sensitive (clearly educated) or that boys are just so wild (child has no limits) or they don't even know why the child is so bad at school (child does not become one of them encouraged to do his homework, practice for work, or work on his deficits at home).

This excessive pampering, serving, tolerating every impossible behavior, always praising it, keeping everything unpleasant away and exerting zero pressure is actually a kind of neglect of prosperity. It attracts people who are not viable because they cannot deal with pressure, stress and unpleasant things at all and who can hardly live with other people because they only perceive their own needs. And because they were only told how great they are, they don't understand why the rest of the world doesn't honor that and feel that they have been treated unfairly. In addition, they never learned that you can achieve anything through diligence.

Such people either manage to deal with their deficits very quickly as young adults, or they break down mentally, or they throw themselves at someone who manages their life for them (and possibly exploits their partner's dependency badly) .

I think that with this "princess and the pea" generation there will still be a lot of social problems and the burden of mental illnesses on health insurance companies.



If what you are observing is correct, then it is today's parent generation that fails, ultimately our generation. ... why can the parents born in the 80s or 90s no longer do what our parents could?

In the past, people were neither carried, nor offered a family bed, nor was it mandatory to breastfeed, there was no early intervention, no pekip, no educational advice.
Children were treated from the gut as it seemed right.

Your postings are slowly getting embarrassed!

In the past, this type of early intervention just didn't exist.

ADHD kids were kicked out of class, troublemakers, etc. They had no chance of getting a foot in the school! My best school friend at the time was such a case ... I would not have wanted his childhood!

I was dyslexic myself, 0.0 chances at school. TODAY these kids have a chance and the 80s parents take advantage of it.

Wasn't breast milk harmful?

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