Why do Americans love chicken wings?

Barbecue recipes: tender meat enjoyment with a smoky aroma

A real American barbecue often consists of several types of meat. So everyone can choose the right one. When preparing our American barbecue recipe, spare ribs and chicken wings are put on the grill together.

By the way: If the weather doesn't cooperate, you can also deep-fry the chicken wings as described in our barbecue chicken wings recipe. Pulled pork is also very popular in the USA. Fiber-like pieces are removed from the grilled pork with a fork or knife and served in a sandwich, wrap or burger. Whichever barbecue recipe you choose, don't forget to allow a few hours to marinate the meat.

Barbecue is only possible in summer? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Discover our delicious winter barbecue recipes here!

Barbecue recipes - side dishes for BBQ

For an all-round authentic BBQ, you should also choose the typical side dishes. These include coleslaw - the US version of coleslaw -, baked beans, cornbread, stews, baked potatoes or puree and rice. But you can also serve grilled vegetables, raw vegetable salads, pea puree, stick bread, tortillas and much more for the barbecue. All kinds of finger foods such as sweet potato sticks, gherkins, jalapenos or grilled corn on the cob taste delicious.