How open are you with your grandparents

Grandparents Grandchildren Relationship - Something very special

You have time, you are patient, you are open and you know that a lot of things that are not so nice will pass again. Grandparents often play a very special role in their grandchildren's life - and vice versa. What is the key to this special grandparent-grandchildren relationship?

Similarities between grandparents and grandchildren promote a particularly intimate relationship

First of all, grandparents and their grandchildren have a lot in common. Grandparents are also faced with major developmental challenges, albeit not at the same pace as their grandchildren. Saying goodbye to your professional life, your life partner or long-term friends, for example. The grandparents receive comfort from their grandchildren in an intimate relationship, and this can help them reorient themselves in life. Conversely, grandparents help their grandchildren to free themselves from childlike bonds and to go out into the world.

The importance of the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren for the children

Many children love their grandparents dearly and dearly. For almost all grandchildren, the relationship with their grandparents is very important. Most grandchildren describe their grandparents as loving, generous, and companionable. The most important thing for them is that grandma or grandpa is just there, always taking time for them and listening. With grandparents, the focus is more on the grandchildren and they are usually not that strict in their upbringing. Grandparents are more or less familiar with their grandchildren from birth and yet noticeably different from their parents.

For the majority of children, the grandparents are now the most important caregivers after their parents. This outstanding role played by grandma and grandpa is proven, among other things, by a study by the generation barometer of the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy.

But what makes the grandparent-grandchildren relationship so unique?


Who doesn't like to remember when they baked cookies with grandma?

Grandparents usually only see their children for a limited period of time. But in this they give them their undivided attention. It is not uncommon for grandma and grandpa to read their grandchildren's every wish from their bright children's eyes. They pamper the little ones, help them to learn a lot of new things and pass on knowledge and the past with their stories and stories. All of this is important for family cohesion and strengthens the close relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.

This undivided attention makes grandchildren feel particularly important, secure and valued. “I love being with grandma and grandpa because we always do great things and I have my own vegetable patch with them,” said 10-year-old Jessica (name changed by the editorial team) about the time with her grandparents.

These positive memories and experiences of the grandparent-grandchildren relationship shape the adolescents in their personality and have a positive effect on their development. Even years later, many people like to think about their time with their grandparents: about certain smells like the delicious apple pie, about common activities like the weekly visit to the swimming pool or certain attributes like grandpa's big eyebrows.


Life without a grandparent grandchildren relationship

A grandparent-grandchildren relationship is unfortunately not always harmonious. Sometimes there is a quarrel between the grandparents and parents because the grandchildren of both parties receive a different upbringing. Everyone involved then suffers from this bad relationship.

If grandmas and grandpas live far away and rarely see their grandchildren, this also weakens the grandparents' grandchildren relationship. The personal conversation, caressing the cheek, the smell of the grandparents and being hugged by them cannot replace even the most modern communication media.


Having grandchildren to care for is important for grandmas and grandpas


In a close grandparent-grandchildren relationship, grandchildren keep grandparents young through new impressions and experiences.

Most grandparents feel pride and joy when they think of their grandchildren. An intimate grandparent-grandchildren relationship gives them the feeling that they are needed, keeps them young and gives their everyday life the right momentum. Many grandmothers find their role as grandmother even more beautiful than the role of mother - after all, grandparents are not as involved in the upbringing of their grandchildren as the parents of the little ones.

In addition, older people experience social affirmation in the role of grandparents. “Getting old” has a negative connotation in our society. On the other hand, being “grandmother or grandfather” has a much more positive connotation.


Researchers at Edith Cowan University have now found that if grandparents have grandchildren in care, the life expectancy of the grandparents can be increased. Caring for grandchildren can even extend senior citizens' lives by up to five years.

An intimate relationship between the grandparents and their grandchildren allows the older generation to benefit as well, as the children discover many new things. Grandchildren broaden their horizons and keep them fit. For example, many over 70-year-olds only found access to the Internet or smartphone through their grandchildren and are thus always a step ahead of their peers.

Grandparents grandchildren relationship through the ages


Grandchildren, too, often take responsibility for looking after their grandparents.

Like any relationship, the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren changes over time. Grandparents transform over the years from babysitting, playmates and storytellers to counselors or even mentors.

The stronger the ties between grandparents and grandchildren in childhood and adolescence, the more stable the relationships are even after the grandchildren have long had their own families. Many grandparents can also enjoy seeing their great-grandchildren.