Why is homework called homework

Students read the operating room - Comment: Does homework make sense?

In the following I would like to comment on whether homework makes sense - or not.

My first argument in favor of the thesis “homework does not make sense” is that you need materials such as pens and papers as well as aids such as encyclopedias for homework. However, these cost money and must first be purchased.

Homework is called “house” tasks so that it can be done at home, that is after school. In the afternoon, however, the concentration decreases. The best time to concentrate is between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. In the afternoon, after a long day at school, the students have less energy and less inclination to sit down and do their homework when the weather is nice. Because of this, they often make mistakes that could be memorized in order to finish faster.

Another important argument in favor of the thesis is that the homework that the students do in the afternoons takes up the free time of the children and young people. Students often do not have time to meet up with friends, play soccer, or learn a musical instrument.

Homework helps to learn how to manage time

However, there are also arguments in favor of the thesis “homework makes sense”.

This is supported by the fact that the students learn to use their homework to better manage their time. You learn to be in control of time. The students can decide for themselves when they want to use their free time. You need to learn to be ready on time for a due date.

Independent work is also supported and strengthened with the help of homework. Students do their homework at home where there is no outside help. This will teach them to think on their own and get creative.

In addition, homework helps to repeat and recognize mistakes. The mistakes are corrected by doing homework and avoided, for example, in class work. The homework is a good practice for correcting mistakes.

In my opinion, homework makes sense and should be given further.

by Marina Lenz, grade 8c at the Elisabeth School