What is the best program for email

Windows 10: These are the 6 best email programs

There are numerous free e-mail programs for Windows 10. We'll tell you whether Thunderbird, Outlook and eM Client are worthwhile and what the standard mail app can already do.

Many users nowadays use more than just one e-mail account, which can make managing all e-mails cumbersome. Therefore, nothing works with a central mail app on the PC, in which you can manage all your mails and accounts centrally. We introduce you to the best mail apps for Windows 10.

1. Windows 10 Mail: Standard e-mail program for Windows 10

Windows 10 Mail is usually preinstalled and comes with the most important functions. Image: © Screenshot Microsoft / TURN ON 2017

Windows 10's mail client is free, pre-installed, and pretty good. It offers all the important functions for retrieving, managing and writing emails and allows the integration of any number of accounts from the most important clients. For the majority of users, the mail app should therefore have all the features they want. In addition, the very good calendar app from Microsoft is directly integrated here. Numerous special functions that other mail programs also have, are not included here.

2. Thunderbird: One of the most popular free email programs

Thunderbird is one of the most popular mail programs for the PC. Image: © Screenshot Mozilla / TURN ON 2017

Mozilla Thunderbird is still the most popular third-party mail management program on the PC - and a good Windows 10 mail app alternative. As soon as it is started for the first time, Thunderbird asks its users whether they want to import these e-mail accounts from another program and guides them through convenient step-by-step instructions. Thunderbird also offers the option of using a calendar. For this purpose, among other things, the data can be imported from Google Calendar.

3. Outlook: The classic

Outlook is something like the professional version of Windows 10 Mail. Image: © Windows Store / Microsoft 2017

Outlook is Microsoft's professional mail management app and part of the paid Office package. Basically, the app is the professional version of the free Windows 10 Mail software. With the program, mails from all important providers such as Gmail, T-Online or GMX can be called up and managed. Outlook is particularly practical for all those who want to manage their emails on their smartphone at any time. Microsoft offers an excellent mobile app for Windows Phone, Android and iOS that is based on the desktop surface in terms of look and feel.

4. eM Client: The modern professional client

eM Client is a modern alternative to Thunderbird and Co. Image: © Screenshot eM Client / TURN ON 2019

In a way, eM Client is a more contemporary version of Thunderbird and Outlook. The slim program is available as a free basic version or for a fee in the professional version. What is immediately noticeable with eM Client is the clear user interface, which perfectly matches the clean look of Windows 10 itself. This client is particularly useful if you have long e-mail conversations with people, because a separate overview bar shows you when which mail was exchanged between you and the other person. Attachments can also be found very easily using a special overview, should they get lost in the mailbox or in lengthy conversations.

5. Mailbird: Link to WhatsApp, Slack and Co.

Mailbird is permanently free in the lite version. Image: © Screenshot Mailbird / TURN ON 2017

Mailbird is actually a paid program, but it is also available as a free lite version. The app offers support for most mail clients and accounts and helps first-time users with importing the data. If desired, different mailboxes can be managed separately or together. The optional linking of the program with Facebook, WhatsApp or Slack is also practical. If you don't want to be satisfied with the lite version, you pay the equivalent of around 27 euros for a permanent license.

6. Opera Mail: The secret tip

Opera Mail has all the important features, but is a bit out of date overall. Image: © Screenshot Opera / TURN ON 2017

Compared to Thunderbird or Gmail, Opera Mail is still quite unknown. Here, too, we are dealing with a very powerful e-mail program. The app is free and allows you to manage an unlimited number of accounts. However, there are also disadvantages: The import of data from other programs does not work automatically and the help texts are only available in English. Some users are also bothered by the clear, but rather old-fashioned interface.