What are some epic tattoos

60 Epic Tattoo Designs For Men - Legendary Ink Ideas

Some men like a quiet, understated tattoo while others want the most stunning design. If you are a man looking for an epic tattoo, there are tons of possible designs to choose from.

For some, "epic" means an eye-catching tattoo that covers a large part of the body.

Often times, those dealing with this definition of epic choose an elaborate scene tattooed on their backs. Likewise, chest pieces, especially on a well-built, broad chest, can leave a lasting impression.

For some men, an epic design is one that creates an optical illusion or is incredibly unusual. For example, some men choose puzzle piece tattoos that create the illusion that a puzzle piece is missing from the skin. Others go for Escher images or other crazy designs and choose to tattoo them, and still others go for snakeskin patterns that make it look like parts of a limb made from scales.

For other men, an epic idea could involve an incredible use of color. Since many tattoos are black and white or have other muted colors, choosing a design with a brightly bright color can make you stand out. Some choose intricate geometric designs that use color, some choose bright animal tattoos, and still others choose unreal-looking side pieces that take their inspiration from photos of the room.

An epic tattoo instantly makes you look excellent, and it can also send the message that you are brave, assertive, and not afraid to be different. Of course, the design you choose can also have a specific meaning.