What are the exercises for fighting diabetes

5 Simple Core Exercises to Help Fight Diabetes

Obesity can encourage or worsen the onset of diabetes. Strengthen your body and melt your love handles with these five simple movements. Major 1. Cure erect abs

This standing workout strengthens the muscles that help your back support the extra weight in your abdomen.

Stand up straight with your feet on your hips.

  • Keeping your neck, shoulders, and arms relaxed, tuck the muscles into your stomach and contract them. Imagine a belt that wraps around your stomach.
  • Hold for 60 seconds while breathing normally. Do this three times. Le 2. The gluteal muscle
  • Strengthens the humble but powerful muscles that make up your buttocks and are involved in almost every movement you make.
Stand up straight with your feet on your hips, your arms by your sides, and your shoulders relaxed.

Tighten your butt muscles as much as possible, tuck your stomach up, and move your right leg about two inches behind you by lifting your foot off the floor.

  • Hold for 10 seconds, then switch legs. Do at least three repetitions on each leg. La 3. Dry swimming
  • Strengthens the lower back and muscles along the lower part of the spine to improve posture and prevent back pain.
  • Lie on the carpet with your arms and legs outstretched as if you were Superman.
Keeping your neck relaxed, go down, straighten your abs, then raise your right arm and left leg for a second.

Slowly bring both legs to the floor and repeat the exercise with the other arm and leg. "Swim" three times on each leg for 30 seconds. Sou 4th Raised leg

  • Like a normal crunch, except this exercise uses the abs. It's less intense and doesn't require your head to be lifted off the floor, which could force your neck.
  • Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, hands behind your head and elbows by your sides.
  • Inhale and contract your abs so that your lower back is touching the floor, and then raise your right foot about three inches off the floor.
Hold for four seconds and exhale as you lower your foot to the floor for another four seconds. Repeat with your left leg. La 5. Sweet Hundred

Strengthens the core muscles, abdominal muscles, lower back muscles and those in the spine.

  • Lie on your back with your legs together and your knees at a 90-degree angle. Inhale and raise your arms toward the ceiling without lifting your shoulders off the floor.
  • As you exhale, relax your torso to raise the top of your shoulders. At the same time, lower your arms and keep them level with your hips.
  • Contract your abs and start raising and lowering your arms as if using an air pump. Repeat this pump movement 100 times.
One way to fight diabetes is to stay fit and lose weight. These simple exercises that you can do at home will get you on the right track.