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Tempting: Earn a lot of money as a networker in Multi Level Marketing (MLM). But by no means all companies that are involved in direct sales are serious and recommendable. LR Health & Beauty advertises with a glamorous website, gigantic earning opportunities and luxury bonuses: What is behind it and is it worth getting started? Find out here whether you can trust LR Health & Beauty - and what LR can bring you.


  • - LR Health & Beauty: The company
  • - Which products LR sells
  • - Heidi Klum & Co .: celebrities as draft horses
  • - Earning money with LR: two ways
  • - LR job offers in daily newspapers?
  • - Career opportunities wanted: Contact us via website
  • - Requirements to sell for LR?
  • - At LR: The advantages
  • - Another advantage: get LR products cheaper
  • - Is LR a pyramid scheme or a sect?
  • - Further training at LR Health & Beauty
  • - Remuneration at LR
  • - Rewards: The LR car model
  • - Further incentives - from travel to events
  • - Rise imposingly, fall the lower
  • - Conclusion

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LR Health & Beauty: The company

The global company with headquarters in Ahlen, North Rhine-Westphalia, has been in the market for 30 years. As Focus reported in March, 2014 was a strong year in terms of sales with 228 million euros. LR Health & Beauty Systems GmbH, which has discovered the growth markets of Russia, the Czech Republic and Turkey for itself, but is also pursuing a long-term growth strategy in France, Portugal and Poland, according to group spokesman Patrick Sostmann, employs around 1,100 people.

With 300,000 registered sales partners, LR - a member of the Bundesverband Direktvertrieb Deutschland e.V. (BDD) - ranks among the leading direct sales companies in Europe. An increase in sales of 5 percent is planned for 2015.

Which products LR sells

Clear consumer products, the consumers of which only have to change their purchasing behavior, work best. LR Health & Beauty is the best proof and sells over 650 certified beauty and health products in 28 countries, from cruelty-free cosmetics to perfumes and jewelry to dietary supplements. To develop the latter, LR founded its own research center as early as 1985. New: where previously only sales partners could buy LR products, this is now also possible for end customers - in LR's own online shop

Heidi Klum & Co .: celebrities as draft horses

Although LR Health & Beauty does not sell its products in normal drugstores, it has been able to attract numerous celebrities from Bruce Willis to Michael Schumacher and Heidi Klum to Marcus Schenkenberg as promotional faces for exclusive fragrance creations. Most recently, fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer was brought on board as a cooperation partner.

Earning money with LR: two ways

The LR Health & Beauty business principle knows two ways to earn money: firstly, advertising and direct sales of the products, secondly, building a network. Those who opt for direct sales have recently started to compete with the LR online shop. In order to increase the income from direct sales, it is therefore advisable to become a contact person for B2B customers yourself, i.e. to recruit new sellers among friends and acquaintances yourself for a bonus payment.

LR job offers in daily newspapers?

Beginners in direct sales often place job advertisements in daily newspapers: "We are looking for a sales manager in the field, attractive salary, extraordinary additional benefits, lateral entrants welcome". If applicants visit the website of this LR Health & Beauty Partner, it is quite primitive compared to the official LR presence.

Anyone who makes contact - instead of receiving information about hourly wages or salaries - encounters recruitment efforts. The applicant is asked to purchase a starter package for 199 euros. If he decides to be there, LR Health & Beauty also grants his new direct salesman payment in installments.

Career opportunities wanted: Contact us via website

Alternatively, those interested in “career opportunities” can contact the LR website - and they will be forwarded to an “LR partner in your area”. Comprehensive data must be entered in the contact form - in addition to first name, surname and e-mail, telephone number and complete address. In addition, LR Health & Beauty would like to know from you whether you have already had contact with an LR partner and how you became aware of LR. A field for the date of birth is also waiting, but entry is voluntary.

Requirements to Sell for LR?

No. According to his own statement, previous education and certificate grades are of secondary importance for success as a self-employed direct salesman, since the will to perform, hard work, perseverance and value orientation count. LR Health & Beauty promises unlimited earning opportunities, plus recognition, status and community, regardless of gender, age and financial background.

What the LR website does not reveal: LR training courses advise targeting people with a low level of education. So skepticism is required here, because that even good school grades are not even achieved without the urge to perform can be considered a truism.

At LR: The advantages

LR Network Marketing means: As a sales partner, you can sell yourself from door to door in return for profit sharing and receive bonus payments for the support, training, motivation and management of new sales partners. In addition to attractive additional income, LR Health & Beautym advertises the compatibility of family and work through flexible working hours and the easy start in part-time jobs and home work, even with low start-up capital. LR promises to replace a lack of training with in-house training.

Another advantage: get LR products cheaper

Newly recruited sellers become customers themselves, as they can purchase LR products at reduced prices for their own use. The LR direct sales concept was recently expanded to include the group of premium customers. A premium customer receives a 20 percent discount on every order. For a recommendation as part of the “Premium customer advertises premium customer” program, LR issues a “high quality premium” from the range. Those who take part are rewarded with a personal contact who they can “contact at any time”.

Is LR a pyramid scheme or a sect?

Bad tongues mean that the company's euphoric demeanor, which advertises with bonuses such as sports cars, gigantic career opportunities and the habitus of the large, happy corporate family, has something sectarian about it. Nevertheless, it is not very constructive to call LR a beauty sect: It is true that LR Health & Beauty is a pyramid, not a forbidden speedball system.

As is typical of MLM companies, most is earned at the top. If you get to the top, you are passively involved in their sales through commission through each partner. At the bottom, on the other hand, there are many who (still) earn little. The longer a system is on the market, the higher the pyramid.

Further training at LR Health & Beauty

Are you scouring the LR homepage to find out more about the training and further education offerings? LR is holding out the prospect of a remuneration and training concept for sales partners, without giving any details. On the other hand, as a new direct seller, you will be invited to a welcome event. Content: Presentation of the company, explanation of the opportunities for advancement and success reports of successful financial independence.

An organ leader may ask you to ignore critical voices from relatives and friends. Further training in terms of product effectiveness seems to make more sense: Time and again, salespeople who offer products such as dietary supplements as a cure for diseases are the talk of the town.

Remuneration at LR

LR Health & Beauty also remains vague with the remuneration system. There is talk of unlimited earning opportunities and of building up an “attractive additional income” with a “weekly commitment” of ten hours. LR partners receive an "attractive trading margin" for product sales and additional bonuses on sales achieved, the amount of which "depends on your product sales". But also “6-digit annual income” are “reality at LR”.

Rewards: The LR car model

Have you succeeded in attracting 100 customers or contacts from acquaintances and friends? Then your chances of getting your polo with the LR logo are not bad. Over 5,000 Volkswagen Polos in LR design are on the road in Germany (you drive an Opel Corsa in Austria and Switzerland).

However, like all LR cars, the vehicle is only leased for 110 euros a month. The LR car concept is very attractive - in the heat of the moment the product on offer can take a back seat. Do you dream of driving the Polo or even a Mercedes or Porsche in LR design?

With a monthly turnover of EUR 2,000 or more, your dream will come true, and with a corresponding turnover, an additional bonus even covers the entire leasing rate. Anyone who manages to call a Mercedes their own can choose between the SLK, M-Class or S-Class. A white Porsche has crowned the LR car concept since 2010.

Further incentives - from travel to events

In addition to the popular car concept, LR Health & Beauty provides other incentives such as invitations to travel, participation in the in-house LR Academy, gala dinners and LR events or the LR Partner Card for “discounted entry” to the shop on Because recognition plays a major role in the LR system, the company has its own "Walk of Fame", which presents successful salespeople publicly with a photo.

Rise imposingly, fall all the lower

With the rise, the pressure to perform increases, the air becomes thinner: How long will I be able to keep the coveted car? If sales collapse, the vehicle is gone again! Failure that hurts particularly with a monthly income of 150,000 euros: Ilhan Dogan, five-star president (top position at LR Health & Beauty), the company owed millions in sales. Nevertheless, Dogan was sidelined after 25 years, as was top leader Jürgen Liebig.


Anyone who would like to dare to try, as an LR networker, should never rely solely on their income from LR activities, regardless of whether they have been there for twenty years or twenty days! As won, so melted away: the most attractive commissions, bonuses and vehicles with a luxury reputation or not - it doesn't hurt to be an ambitious entrepreneur as a direct salesman and networker at LR Health & Beauty, but also a resourceful investor: Income in fat years better on time with maximum Invest in returns!

Thoroughly serious, with a broad assortment of high-quality products in its luggage, LR is also in the 31st year of its company history to inspire people with its motto "More quality for your life". A concept made up of two pillars that is suitable for many, but not everyone - with exclusive beauty and health products on the one hand and the credo of improving living standards through earning opportunities on the other, with its dazzling medal of success.

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