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Funny names

My name is Axel, Axel Schweiß.

In this category there are funny names, combinations of first names and surnames that show how you shouldn't name your child. This also applies to the funny names of doctors, you can tell a surgeon by the name of Dr. Trust Hans Metzger? And with the funny city names you also wonder who came up with these ideas.

Funny names - the top 10

The top 10 funniest first name and last name combinations.

Axel sweat
Frank Reich
Claire factory
Dennis racket
Clare heavens
Rainer coincidence
Mr. A. Loch
Anna Nass
Klara case
Sarah Jevo


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Funny first names and surnames

You just have to laugh at these funny names.

Lee Monad
Axel splendor
Timo Beil
Andrew's Cross
Klaus Taler
Pink panties
Rod Hamlet
Gerold Steiner
Albert Ross
Paul Lahner
Karl shave

Funny doctor names

The doctors also have tons of funny names that we don't want to withhold here.

Surgical practice of Dr. butcher
Dermatologist Dr. Axel sweat
Gynecologist Dr. Peter Grabsch
Surgeon dr. Hans Metzger
Orthopedist Dr. Hans-Dieter Krumbein
Dr. Karl Fleischhauer
Pathologist Dr. Friedrich Leichner
Gynecologist Dr. Martin stallion
Ophthalmologist Dr. Giesela Schiele
Urologist Dr. med. Trunk


Funny city names

These funny names of cities, districts, places or communities really do exist in Germany.

Mückenloch (district of the city of Neckargemünd - Baden-Württemberg)
Wixhausen (district of Darmstadt - Hesse
Niederdornberg-Deppendorf (district of Bielefeld - North Rhine-Westphalia)
Wetten (district of the city of Kevelaer - North Rhine-Westphalia)
Katzenhirn (district of the city of Mindelheim - Bavaria)
Brechen (municipality in Hesse)
Linsengericht (municipality in Hesse)
Leck (Municipality - Schleswig-Holstein)
Leichendorf (district of the city of Zirndorf - Bavaria)
Kuhbier (part of the community Groß Pankow - Brandenburg)


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