Which runways at the airport are the most dangerous

Dangerous runways, absurd airports: do you want to land here?

Fear of flying is relatively widespread, although a plane crash is very unlikely. Statistically speaking, most accidents happen during take-off and landing - it is all the more astonishing that some pilots fly to the world's most dangerous runways every day without any consequences. The reisereporter shows which airports are a real challenge:

1. In Sint Maarten, planes fly over a beach

One of the most famous and dangerous runways, if not for the passengers themselves, is in the Caribbean. At Maho Beach on Sint Maarten, planes fly just a few meters past the heads of beach holidaymakers every day. Because: The runway of Princess Juliana International Airport is right next to the beach.

Tourists from all over the world want to experience this spectacle up close and take a few selfies. A couple from Kiev seduced this into a daring stunt, for which it earned a shit storm.

Because: The whole thing is not harmless. Aircraft engines can kick up stones, which can lead to serious injuries. The turbine wind there has already cost lives.

2. A main road runs through the runway in Gibraltar

At Gibraltar International Airport, it is like a level crossing: There a main road crosses the runway, the only connection between Spain and the dwarf state. As long as there is no airplane in sight, countless cars drive over it.

But if a machine wants to take off or land, the cars have to stop behind a barrier and wait. After that, traffic continues to flow normally. This solution was implemented due to a lack of space, as the entire state is only 6.7 square kilometers.

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3. In Bhutan, planes can only land in good weather

At the airport in the small South Asian state of Bhutan, planes can only take off and land when the weather is good. The reason: The runway of Paro Airport is located at a height of 2,236 meters in a deep valley surrounded by steep peaks. Landing is so complicated that very few pilots are qualified to do it.

Until about 30 years ago, the runway was also only 1,400 meters long, then it was extended to 1964 meters. However, if you fly to Bhutan, you cannot pass the airport - it is the only airport there.

4. The runway on Saba Island is only 400 meters long

If you want to land on the runway on the island of Saba, you need a special permit from the Dutch air traffic control authority. Because: The track is only 400 meters long. In front of and behind it, cliffs drop off steeply.

The initiator for the construction of the airport in 1959 was the then mayor of the island of Saint-Barthélemy. In a spectacular maneuver, he landed on Saba on a makeshift runway. As a result, the Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport was built.

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5. Only this runway in Nepal leads to Mount Everest

If you want to climb Mount Everst, you can't avoid Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Nepal. Before climbing, the climbers have to survive a landing on the 527-meter-long runway.

And this is located directly on a slope with an incline of twelve percent, which makes landing difficult. In addition, at the end of the run it goes 600 meters deep.

Fun fact by the way: The airport was named after Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. They were the first people to climb Mount Everest in 1953.

6. The runway in France has a gradient of 18.66 percent

The town of Courchevel in France is known for a lot: it is a winter sports area with a breathtaking view of the French Alps, two James Bond films were shot there and the runway of the airfield has an incline of 18.66 percent. Pilots therefore have to use a special landing technique.

In order to land at the Altiport de Courchevel airfield, they need a special permit. In addition, this runway is only 537 meters long.