How effective is video marketing for businesses

10 reasons why you will be successful with video marketing in 2019

Video as a marketing tool is more popular than ever. Find out here how you can use video as an advertising medium efficiently and successfully. Read the benefits and trends of video marketing in this article.

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Videos have been an important part of the digital marketing, but now video production has developed so rapidly that It is hard to imagine the online world without videos are.

Nowadays there are many ways Video in the foreground of the digital marketing strategy to deliver:

Navdy presents its product: The implementation takes place through a Explanatory video.

And why not ?! Looking at the following statistics is impressive:

It is not surprising that Video content preferred over written content for the simple reason that the human brain can process visualizations much faster than plain text.

If you examine the actual use of videos, the trend is quickly recognizable, because 81% of companies used videos for marketing purposes in 2018. For comparison: in 2017 it was only 63%. The trend for this in 2019 is still increasing!

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Heard no doubt Video marketing so in yours Promotion tool box.

5 tips on how to sell more with video: Mynd tells you how it works.

But many marketers are still skeptical, because a video shoot is always associated with a lot of effort, at least in your own imagination. Some question the returns on video. Others wonder if they really are have enough resources to create video content (or have it created) and incorporate it into your own marketing strategy.

Is it worth creating your own videos?

The answer is a very simple "yes".

It's always worth it and not just because Video one of the most versatile and profitable tools in digital marketing is.

Below we list 10 reasons why video marketing is the horse to bet on right now in 2019.

# 1 video marketing drives conversions and sales.

Videos can make a lot of money. For example, a product video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%.
A treepodia study shows that video strategies work regardless of the industry. Whether you sell electronics, jewelry, cosmetics or household goods, the use of video material can lead to an increase in your conversions across industries.

Novum Engineering use explanatory videos: Here as a video marketing instrument.

Statistics show:

74% of consumers who watched an explanatory video
actually buy the product afterwards.

Why is that? Video content offers companies the opportunity to demonstrate their products and services. If the appropriate target groups can watch someone use a certain product, they can more easily put themselves in that position and themselves rather identify with the product. Immediately imagine how the product could help you.

If you think about it, it is The effectiveness of the video is not surprising. Because after all it is Eyesight our most dominant sense.

Most of the information transmitted to our brain is of visual origin. Photos alone lead to a massive increase in attention and willingness to interact. Moving images go even further.

Clearly designed and interesting to look at: The Bayer Compliance Videos from Mynd.

Instagramdid it: started with photos, the company expanded the platform to the Story and finally the live function, which is now enjoying great popularity. Both would not be feasible without moving images. The latest Instagram TV function also offers further exciting potential!

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# 2 Videos create trust.

Trust is the foundation for conversions and sales and should always be a goal in itself.

Many online shoppers are generally skeptical of online retailers. The best way to resolve the skepticism is to create a relationship between the two actors (retailer - buyer)

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The whole concept of content marketing revolves around building a sustainable relationship with the target audience. Stop trying to sell and let your customers come to you by offering them interesting and useful information - without expecting anything in return or an amount of money.

When will I see the first results from content marketing? Marketing guru Neil Patel explains to you.

Content marketing can work on a certain trust basis. Here comes Video marketing in the game.

The contents of Videos have the potential emotional triggers to accommodate and Create interactions

Dupont Tyvek Protec:Emotions are in the foreground when conveying the message.

YouTubers, as well as influencers in general, have become some of the most effective promoters on social media in recent years and market businesses through produced and shared videos with the greatest efficiency.

So videos can be a powerful tool to trust to manifest. Effective Marketing Videos present your product as a form of conversation. Much like a charming advisor in a physical store welcoming your customers and giving you recommendations. Especially Image films represent the figurehead of your companyand ensure trust among your customers and prospects.

This creates a feeling of individual approach and lowers the hurdles of online shopping:

Trust through videos:

57% of consumers got through videos
more trust in the company and the product.

# 3 The use of video increases the ROI.

The ROI (Return on Investment) is a key figure from business administration that shows the Relation of invested capital to the resulting profit represents.

The following calculation example illustrates the key figure:

  • Investment sum: 100, - €
  • Sales generated from this: € 150
  • Profit (cost of sales): € 50

  • Return on sales (profit / sales): 50/150 = 0.3
  • Capital turnover (turnover / invested capital): 150/100 = 1.5

  • ROI (return on sales x capital turnover): 0.3 x 1.5 = 0.45 = 45%

In this example, the return on capital employed would be 45%. This statistical metric gives you Information about the profitability of an investment, such as the Production of a video and from itresulting changes in sales e.g. a product advertised in the video.

Of course this is allowed Number not considered individually and is not the sole guarantee for actual changes in sales due to an investment made.

Nevertheless, in the case of a video production you will receive an in the form of the ROI Tendency of how the product or service presented in the video affects the corresponding sales.

Effects of video on ROI:

83% of companies report through the
Use of video from a positive return on investment.

Even if a video production involves planning effort in advance, it still pays off. Marketers always count on you better customer feedback with videos than with written texts.

Video marketers also get 66% more qualified leads through the use of video and see a 54% increase in brand awareness.

Dollar Shave Club: Convinces with innovativeVideo marketingCampaigns.

In addition, video editing tools are constantly being developed, making them better and more affordable every time. Even smartphone cameras are now making extremely acceptable videos.

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But be careful: New studies show that users are primarily put off by videos that do not explain the product or service adequately. Here you can quickly find one negative ROI. A professional production is therefore all the more important.

The conceptually well thought-out implementation is therefore in the foreground with you a professionalVideo provider can provide advice.

"We are Mynd": A professional video partner for creative film productions.

# 4 Optimizing videos SEO: Google, YouTube & Co love moving images.

With the help of videos, users stay longer on your website. The longer "time-on-site" in turn, signals to search engines that your site offers visitors very good content. And that is rewarded with a high ranking in Google, Bing & Co.

Arouses curiosity through gripping storytelling: Orion product video by Mynd.

Especially since YouTube was part of the Google family Videos more and more Ranking influence gained. In addition, YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world!

And the importance of YouTube is increasing steadily, which the following figures prove:

  • 80% of the 18-49 year olds use YouTubeper month.
  • 1. Billion hours of video are watched daily on YouTube, more than on Facebook and Netflix combined.
  • Every minutebecome 400 hours of video material uploaded to youtube.

These statistics underpin the position that the video portal has achieved in the market and show that it is essential Align videos accordingly for more visibility on YouTube and Google.

Study result:

Your website is 53 times more likely to appear in the first place in Google search results,
if you have embedded a video on your page.

You can use your videos yourself, for example optimize within YouTube for SEO purposes. To do this, do the following and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Video content: Does this offer added value? Is the content high quality?
  • Keywords: Identify keywords for which your video should be found.
    Determine 1 main and 1-3 secondary keywords. Use keywords in the title, description and thumbnail.
  • YouTube title: Use 50-60 characters, arouse curiosity and focus on added value. Numbering (e.g. "5 tips on how to ...") is particularly inviting to click.
  • YouTube description: 157 characters are immediately visible, up to 5,000 characters can be used after opening the description. Convince your prospects in the first 157 characters. Look for keywords, links, and CTAs for the other characters.
  • YouTube thumbnail: Have a meaningful, individual thumbnail created. Use the correct format, place your logo and convincing text.
  • YouTube tags: Only use tags that describe and match your video. Quality takes precedence over quantity.

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Write interesting and engaging titles and descriptions. Include a link that leads to your website or product landing page and state so potential customers the opportunity to take the next step immediately after watching the video. This can, for example, also take the form of a Call to Action happen.

The Interlinking YouTube and Google becomes particularly clear in the Google search results. Google now not only shows links to further pages in its SERPs, but also guides the user to their search query Videos directly in the result list on.

Close interlinking of YouTube & Google: Mynd videos appear directly in the Google SERPs.

Which videos appear in the Google SERPs?

Here, too, counts the already mentioned motto that the The content of the video is crucial for the placement is. If the overall package, consisting of video content, description, thumbnail, title, tags and keywords, matches the user's question, the probability that the video will appear in the search results increases.

Precise question, appropriate answer. Google presents the user with an explanatory video.

The user will find a suitable explanatory video from Mynd for his request. And since Video content is remembered longer and more sustainably than text, users tend to Prefer videos to written text.

 A complex topic in a nutshell: "How do short attacks work?" An explanatory video from manager magazin & Mynd.

Also counts YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with over 3 billion searches a month after Google, which increases the importance of SEO optimized videos on YouTube.

# 5 Mobile overtakes desktop.

Videos and smartphones go hand in hand.
90% of consumers watch videos on their smartphones. 

YouTube reports video consumption that is increasing by 100% annually.

People love to watch videos on the go: during their breaks, when commuting and sometimes just comfortably on the couch. Videos always feel like light fare. You will be absorbed without effort and by ours Brain processed much less expensively than other forms of preparation of information.

House and apartment swapping explained simply - and optimized for mobile use: Shown in Mynd's Graphy.

Also the The number of smartphone owners is increasing always on. For you, that means your Video audience is getting bigger every day.

Study result:

More than half of all existing videos
is now viewed as mobile.

92% of users who watch videos on mobile share video content with other users. That means that there is a enormous increase in range Of your video content.

XING uses video marketing: Here to promote the XING events (video created by Mynd).

Google can prove that smartphone users create a more personal connection to brands through content and advertisements than desktop users - about that 1.4 times. Compared to television viewers, the number even doubles.

Mobile first.

As part of the Mobile-First Index, the mobile version of your website is used for indexing in the Google search results list. This means that Google determines the positioning of the websites on the basis of certain search queries primarily not based on the desktop version, but rather on the mobile version. A useful integration of videos and a flawless playback on mobile devices belongs to the absolutely necessary standard.

The following statistics underline the Importance of videos on mobile websites:

53% of smartphone users state that they have a more positive attitude towards companies when some kind of explanatory video is placed on their mobile page.

The corporate concept in a nutshell: the explanatory video from Spotify.

How can video content be embedded sensibly and effectively?

For example with an FAQ section as a video edition. MuleSoft showed the way and designed its entire website exclusively Video content, by doing frequently asked Questions easy answered by video message become.

Frequently asked questions answered quickly. Each product page has a matching explanatory video.

Mynd integrates videos into blog articles. This offers the user the opportunity to click on the video if interested and to delve deeper into the matter read in the text.

Blog articles enriched with video content: Here in the blog of the film production Mynd.

Responsive design.

The Use of mobile devices is increasing every year and is becoming increasingly important. She already has one today higher relevance than desktop versions. Make your website and the videos embedded in it fit for mobile and prioritize them in the future.

Reproduction of the content to match the end device: Responsive design is an absolute must.

Responsive design is the keyword here. Your website must be "responsive", which means that the rendering or the Your content is optimally aligned to the devicefrom which it is called.

# 6 Explanatory videos are gaining in importance for video marketing.

Whether elections, the functionality of online banking or the art of simply saying "no" - a Explanatory video to explain a product, issue or service offers one easy access to the respective topic.

Federal and state elections: Simply explained by Mynd.

So it's no wonder98% of consumers say they have watched at least one videoto learn more about a product or service.

45% of companies use video marketing as a tool to better present their offer on the home page. Of these companies, 83% say the embedded video was very effective.

Haspa's online banking - explained in 1 minute by Mynd.

The Implementation options and areas of application for videos are extremely diverse:








If you are not yet sure which variant is best suited to achieve your individual goal, let a video expert advise you free of charge and without obligation.

Professionalism & creativity combined - the film production Mynd.

In addition, it is advisable to compare the various explanatory video providers in terms of quality, prices and services in advance of a video production.

Study result:

99% of people who used a video in 2017 did so in 2018.

Today 87% of all online marketers use video content - are you already part of it?
If you are not convinced yet, it is worth taking a look at the following numbers:

Content marketing with videos.

The use of video does not necessarily have to have a direct commercial intention. Thanks to videos, different facts can be explained in a simple and understandable way.

Being able to say "no" - Epipheo reveals how it works.

Videos can target a group of people or a specific group of interested parties Deliver targeted added value. This form of content does not pursue any direct sales intentions, but contributes to brand building. Means Video content marketing provides your target group with free information on a specific topic

The Mynd Vlogbook: Interesting insights into the world of animation film production.

The Mynd Vlogbook is an important part of Mynd Video Marketing. Interested parties and fans of the brand get here exclusive insights behind the scenes of the video production and learn more about Details and details of everyday work.

# 7 Virality potential through video marketing.