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"Marked Comment" on Youtube

Anyone who has created their own channel, i.e. is active on YouTube, may already have the highlighted note "Marked Comment" found in the comments section under a video. It is questionable how it was marked.

No problem. I'll explain it to you in this post.

In advance: the respective comment was not marked by any person or a Youtuber, but is only highlighted by YouTube and the comment is only visible to you.

Comment is marked

Basically, the note can be displayed in two cases: the comment selection via a notification or the comment selection via a time stamp.

  • Notification: If you receive a comment under one of your videos, you will receive a notification in the top right corner of your YouTube account.

    If you now click on this notification you will be forwarded to the corresponding video and the respective comment will be displayed as the first comment under this video. He bears the note "Marked Comment"so you can find it faster.
  • Time stamp: If you click on a time marker, you will also be taken directly to the comment, which is then displayed directly below the respective video. The time stamp will appear next to a comment in your comment area (Community> Comments).

This marking is useful if you receive a lot of comments under your videos and want to go directly to a post via the comment area of ​​your account or via the notifications.

Nice to know
If you have a "Marked Comment" a special URL is created that you can copy from the browser line. If you add this to a message or use it for other purposes, the intended comment can also be sent to others and can therefore be found again very quickly.