Physical supermarkets will disappear

How would society develop if the supermarkets disappeared tomorrow? [closed]

I'll break that down a bit as there will be stages for an event like this.

I will be placing this in the UK as no country has been given

A couple of hours after the supermarkets disappeared

Media coverage would be everywhere, when people see this they will rush to the next place that sells groceries (go for the canned food, it will take longer) and raided, almost all small shops would be looted and a large amount of damage would be caused in the store in process.

The public services, police / NHS (possibly fire brigade, but unlikely to help locals with minor problems) are bombarded with calls to either "why is this happening?" Or "where can I get food?" Deliveries? "etc etc. etc.

One day after the event

The government would do nothing for a few days until people knocked on their doors with fork in hand. Probably the local police (possibly the army if things get really bad) had rations distributed and the peace kept as good as possible. The police would need to be more lenient with people, as losing an immediate source of food would frighten people and not think of coercion.

There would be a few deaths, but there would be few and most would not be directly caused by the disappearance of the supermarket

A few days after the event

Google defines a supermarket as:

a large self-service store that sells groceries and Housewares sold

After some places try to set up their own supermarkets and they go away, people rely on either grocery stores (butchers and the like) getting groceries / groceries directly from a supplier / being looted by other people (doubts that this would happen ) but some people can do it)

The initial shock would have subsided by then and people would go back to work (most would reluctantly as they need money). Supermarket disappearance wouldn't affect too many jobs, but if you work in a supermarket, you'd better start this resume when you need it.

(I wanted to list a percentage of jobs in the UK that are directly related to grocery stores but a quick search didn't bring up anything. If anyone has this please link in the comments.)

One week after the event (maybe a little longer, it's your timescale)

People are content with the fact that they no longer have supermarkets for the sake of convenience.

The government would have made a statement (some of them proberly) setting out what is going on and how people can get food / clothing and all kinds of items delivered by supermarkets.

Suppliers would have a huge price increase (their demand would be the same, but it would be thousands of individual orders instead of one large, their logistics will be a headache for a while).

After all life went on normally, we lived without her for a few thousand years. If they only change in form, this would not cause permanent damage (suppermarket to suppliers).