How hard is it to learn to code

How long will it take me to learn to code?


One of the most common beginner questions is answered here:

How long do you need to learn programming?

A question that actually everyone asks himself who I want to learn to program is:

How long do I need now?

What you have to do with it yourself and if Money matters you will find out now.

1. The duration

The Duration from beginner to professional software developer depends on many factors that it is impossible to estimate in days or weeks how long it will take.

Imagine you want to be a soccer player. When would you start claiming that you can play football?

It depends on whether you want to become a professional and become a National team want or you that Football on the weekend sufficient.

When it comes to programming, it is equally difficult to say that for some it is enough to write a few small programs to help you.

Others want to become professional software developers. Here alone there are huge differences in terms of time. Easy to say you are in 2 weeks programmer or you need 4 years for your first real app would be a lie.

In some Weeks you can already great progress how fast you go depends on many factors.

2. How high is your goal?

So that's the first factor that is up to you:

How high have you set your goal?

Would you like to start small first and get a taste of the topic first?

Or do you have already big plans?

As a beginner who starts at 0, setting out to earn money with an app in 4 weeks or to produce a top-class 3D video game is ambitious but unrealistic.

The goal may be good, but the duration of the individual intermediate steps does not fit. Try your time goals to choose as realistic as possible and to remain realistic about what you want to achieve in the short term.

Because otherwise, and there we come to the next point, you lose motivation very quickly and this can drag out your project to learn programming quite a bit.

If your project is too uninteresting, you may not even start. If it's too demanding, you may not have enough stamina.

Perseverance you only get if you are interested in what you do.

As Programming novice you may have only just started to be interested in the subject of programming, but maybe you want to achieve something for another hobby with programming, e.g. an app for yours society, A game for your friends or one website for the pet.

Do you combine programming with a of your passions, you can build up the necessary stamina and thus shorten the time to learn programming, as you will automatically spend more time on it.

It is of course easiest if you have been interested in computer technology and software for a long time. Because you may already gain previous programming experience with it. Your previous experience, e.g. with computer technology or as with your other interests, can shorten the time you need to study.

3. Comparison to football

All of these factors are very similar to learning a sport. So that you can imagine it a little more clearly, let's go back to playing football:

  1. Is it realistic to become a professional footballer within 2 weeks?
  2. Is it even necessary to become a professional footballer?
  3. Or is it enough to play regularly in the club?
  4. Do you already have previous experience with ball sports?
  5. And what are you following behind it?
  6. Do you want to do it for fun or because all you can think of is football?
  7. Do you want to make money with it or do you just want some exercise?

Replace playing football with programming, then you can answer the questions yourself.

4. Learn the teaching material for programming

Those were points to do with yourself, and that alone makes estimating how long it actually takes to learn to code really difficult.

That's not all, because next, the duration will be influenced by the material you study with. It starts with research, how many hours do you spend looking for your information?

If you 3 days Are you looking for the best free tutorial on the internet, you should be wondering if you don't have your time can invest better, in 3 days you could have learned a lot. This is also the pointwhere to think carefully how much money you invest in yourself.

You quickly spend money on things you want to have immediately, but you are not ready to invest a few euros with new skills.

And so, in principle, the money invested is a factor that influences the duration.

There's a nice comparison here too:

Imagine you want to be professional learn to speak japanese.

Of course, you can get free material on the internet and get started, but it will take time. If you want quick and good results, invest in someone who can teach you all of this but it costs money.

5. Does money shorten the duration?

How much you spend can be decisive, but it doesn't have to be.

To get back to programming, you can get beginner courses to learn programming for less than 100 €.

These are converted just under € 3 per daySo if you do without your expensive coffee-to-go every day for a month, you already have the money at your disposal.

But the question is also what you actually get for this money, because everyone likes to learn differently. The types of learners differ, especially when it comes to topics such as learning to program.

If you ask software developers how they learned to program, you get them different answers​:

  1. One stayed in Books buried and tried a lot.
  2. The other has Code written off and read until he understood the whole thing.
  3. Others have worked more practically: Ever larger projects built and learned in the process.

So it's better if you find material that you can use to decide how to learn. Depending on the topic, you may want to read through the code first or understand a text in peace.

The learning curve becomes a little steeper after each topic, as you have to keep the things you have already learned in mind and apply them.

It is important that you get explanations on the topics that you can simply and understand quickly can.

Some people understand things best when you can imagine everything nicely and learn it through play.

Others, on the other hand, prefer to copy texts from books, as they did in school. Can both work, but the Duration is different.

6. The ways to learn

What good is it for you if you know all the details of a programming language and you have copied line by line of code, but you don't knowhow you with thisKnowledgenow program something of your own?

It's like when someone promises you will learn how to build a house and then just shows you how a hammer and saw work.

You can then use a hammer and a saw, but how to build a house don't you know. This also means a time delay for your project.

Small exercises Experience has shown that small projects are set up and developed from scratch.

So learning to program is all about it not just about the programming language, but that's what I'll talk about in the other videos.

7. Conclusion

These were a few factors that determine how long it will take you to learn to program.

If someone tells you that there is something you can learn to code completely in a few weeks, look carefully at what you will actually learn.

At Questions or suggestions just comment or write me an email. Now it's your turn, start programming now!