How many grape seeds make 100mg

OPC protects the brain and nerves

Grape seed extract and OPC could even be used to support the treatment of complaints such as ADD (attention deficit disorder), as they can cross the blood-brain barrier and then intervene in the brain to regulate the neurotransmitters and the hormones in question.

Once in the brain, OPC and the other active ingredients of the grape seed extract act immediately and protectively and protect nerves and brain tissue from oxidative attacks. The results are improved mental alertness and a lower risk of developing dementia.

OPC for varicose veins, edema and swelling

In the case of chronic weak veins and swollen, painful varicose veins, numerous representative studies have shown that OPC made from grape seed extract can significantly reduce symptoms.

In the same way, placebo-controlled double-blind studies have shown that OPC and grape seed extract caused edema (water retention in the tissue) - for example after operations or injuries - and swelling after sports injuries to disappear more quickly.

OPC in cancer

In-vitro studies had shown that OPC made from grape seed extract could inhibit tumor growth and possibly even the development of breast, stomach, colon, prostate and lung cancer cells.

Furthermore, it is discussed that OPC or grape seed extract could be suitable as an accompanying therapy parallel to chemotherapy, since the extract keeps the side effects of chemotherapeutic agents within limits. In a recent study, US researchers are now showing that grape seed extract with OPC and other active ingredients causes cancer cells to die off, while healthy cells remain unaffected. "It's a really dramatic effect," says Dr. Rajesh Agarwal dated University of Colorado Cancer Center and professor at the Skaggs School of Pharmaceutical Sciences fascinated by the results of the tests on cell cultures and mice

OPC has a life-extending effect

And last but not least, the grape seed extract with its high OPC content even extends life - at least that of rats. Scientists concluded from this that this would then also apply to us humans, because after all we are only animals.

If you now also take grape seed extract together with a vitamin-rich diet, you can in this way increase the protective effect of the OPC many times over.

OPC increases the antioxidant ability of vitamins and vice versa. Both - OPC from grape seed extract and vitamins - work synergistically and heat each other to ever new brilliant performances, which each would not be able to do on their own.

When buying OPC products, pay attention to at least two important points:

  1. The OPC should be in the form of grape seed extract, not as an isolated substance.
  2. Natural vitamin C should be added to the grape seed extract, e.g. B. in the form of acerola fruit powder.

ANNOTATION: People who are allergic or intolerant to grapes or red wine should not use grape seed extract and red wine extract. Grape seed extract should also not be taken with blood thinners.

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