What do Americans find strange about Europe?

The US and Europe are quite far apart, not just geographically. They also have some differences culturally. YouTouber Hayley, who comes from the USA, never tires of conveying the different experiences in her two homeland (Germany and USA) to us.

There are some differences. Americans find the behavior of Europeans quite strange.

USA vs. Europe: We're all pretty weird

We have already quoted Hayley in another article. Among other things, she talks about beauty standards in the various countries. For example, she explains how ugly, yellow and crooked she finds Germans' teeth. This is only understandable if you look at the dental hygiene of Americans: Bleaching is quite normal here.

1. Water costs

Americans who come to Europe like to order a glass of water in a restaurant as a matter of course. In the United States, it is common to get tap water for free. Less in Europe. Hayley explains that she's already had some bad looks from waiters inside, when she just tried to order plain water. She was shocked that she should pay for it. In large restaurant chains or cafés in particular, it is not welcome to give out water for free.

2. Air condition

In the United States, it is quite normal for every home to have air conditioning. This is used to provide warmth in the winters and cold in the summers. In Southern European countries like Spain or Italy Air conditioning systems are often and gladly used for house cooling. This is not the case in Germany and other cooler countries. In Germany, only very few private houses have air conditioning; this is more likely to be found in public buildings such as hospitals or public transport.

3. Reservation

YouTuber Hayley says she finds it much more difficult to make friends in Europe. In their opinion, this is due to the fact that people here prefer to keep to themselves. Germans, Italians and Spaniards have a loud and talkative temperament, but they are not particularly open to people from other circles.

4. Conformity

Hayley and her followers say that Europeans don't particularly like to step out of line. In their opinion, they want to maintain conformity and thus wear a kind of uniform. In the United States, people love to dress up and stand out from the crowd. But at the same time they are selfish and narcissisticis what the YouTuber says.

5. Cigarettes

Europeans smoke much, much more than Americans do. Hayley talks about how crazy she thinks it that people are open and honest about the fact that they smoke. In her home country, the USA, nobody would tell her that he or she would like to "a smoking ”go would. Instead, they would lie and say they had to go to the bathroom for a minute.

In Europe it is completely different. We are open and honest with our smoke truck.

Change behaviors or stay the way we are?

The cultures differ: Even if Europe and the USA are shaped by the West, the differences are always visible here. At wmn, we find cultural differences wonderfulas long as they don't harm anyone.

Do you have a behavior or habit that is harmful to you? It is possible to change this.