How did you find your cat

Cat found: you have to do that now

Many cats are not properly accustomed to being outdoors and end up homeless. Found one of these cats and don't know what to do? In this article you will find the answers to the following 6 questions:

  1. What are the characteristics of a found cat?
  2. What do you have to do if you run into a cat?
  3. What is the legal situation if you want to keep a cat you have found?
  4. Who pays the costs if the owner wants the cat back?
  5. When will you be the new owner of the four-legged friend?
  6. What solution is there to ensure that there are no more stray cats?

A find cat has these characteristics

A velvet paw has run to you and you are wondering if it really is a homeless cat? This is how a found cat differs from a cat that wants to treat itself to a quick extra meal:

Characteristics of a find catCharacteristics of a normal cat that strays around
EmaciatedDisappears again after eating
Unkempt furWell-groomed coat
ShyCollar / other marking
Found in a box

Here are 5 things to do when you find an abandoned cat

Check the health status:
If you find a kitty who is obviously injured, you are legally required to provide assistance.
Provide them with food:
If she looks emaciated, offer her a cat-friendly food such as: B. tuna or sausage. Make sure that the sausage is not additionally salted. If the kitty refuses to eat, observe the following 5 measures!
Look out for a collar:
If the stray is wearing a collar, it is relatively unlikely that the cat will not have an owner. However, some cats do not wear collars because mistress and mistress are afraid that the fur nose will easily get caught. Some cat owners also use GPS trackers as a collar, which makes it easy for them to find their cat.
Check missing persons notices:
Nowadays, advertisements are not only placed in newspapers, but also mainly online. On social media, such as B. on Facebook, there are separate Facebook groups for missing and found pets.
Off to the vet:
If the above doesn't apply to your stray, travel to the nearest vet. The vet will check whether the four-legged friend is chipped and registered. If so, then the cat can be reunited with its owner.

A chipped cat that is not registered cannot be assigned to an owner.

It is therefore all the more important that every cat with a microchip is immediately registered in a pet database and that you provide your personal information. In this way you guarantee that the lost animal can be assigned to you.

If the rightful owner is not found, you can either

  • hang up advertisements about the cat find,
  • notify the neighborhood at the site or
  • Post on social media that you've found a neglected cat. Also share your post publicly so that you have a greater reach!

Danger: If the cat has a tattoo in the ear, do not give out the number. Unfortunately, every now and then strangers pretend to be the rightful owner.

What is the legal situation if you keep a found cat?

Report the found cat

A found cat is often referred to as abandoned, but according to the law, it is not abandoned because it is still the owner's belongings. The first step is that you report the approaching cat, as you are subject to the notification requirement according to § 965 BGB. You can either do that via

  1. the animal care,
  2. the vet or
  3. the police

take care of.

Good to know: Animals are subject to lost property rights.

If the find is not reported, it is a legal misappropriation of an item and this makes you liable to prosecution according to § 242 StGB.

You take care of the cat: You are entitled to these things

If the homeless house tiger does not belong to an owner, you are obliged to take care of the species-appropriate keeping until the rightful owner picks up his kitty. You can also hand your four-legged friend over to the authorities if you cannot take care of the cat.

Who bears the costs incurred when the owner reports?

As already mentioned above, a visit to the vet is a must. There are costs for the examination. These costs, if the owner is found, can be reclaimed from the owner according to § 970 BGB.

Even if the owner reports while the cat is being cared for, the costs incurred can be reclaimed.

Expert tip: Save bills and receipts so that you can prove the monetary expenses.

From this point on, you are the owner of the kitty

If the cat's mistress or master has not reported after 6 months from the date of the obligation to notify, then you can become the new owner of the cat.

With this solution there are no more abandoned cats

Are you now reunited with your cat or are you the new owner of the once lost cat? Are you looking for a solution so that you always know where your adventurer is? A Tractive GPS tracker for cats takes away these worries, because with it you know at any time and even in real time on the smartphone where the stray is hanging around. It's partly amazing how long cats can stay away without worrying!

Summary of the legal details in a short video