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asymmetrical (German) [edit]


Word separation:

Asymmetrical, comparative: asymme-tical, superlative: most asymmetrical


IPA: [ˈazʏˌmeːtʁɪʃ], [azʏˈmeːtʁɪʃ]
Audio samples: asymmetrical (Info)
Rhymes: -eːtʁɪʃ


[1] also transferred: not symmetrical, not having any symmetries


Negation too symmetrical due to alpha privative"A-"

Opposite words:

[1] symmetrical


[1] This trapezoid is asymmetrical.
[1] “One of the direct consequences of this was asymmetrical Shifting power in favor of fewer people and power groups at the expense of aristocratic solidarity. "[1]
[1] "The defense against terrorists and others more asymmetrical Threats within Germany are primarily a task of the federal and state authorities responsible for internal security. "[2]
[1] “This channeling effect is the reason for that more asymmetrical Pollutant load on wall A. "[3]
[1] “This clearly distinguishes them from the houses of the high and late imperial era, for which one is generally clear more asymmetrical System is selected. "[4]
[1] “Men are generally much more relaxed, expansive and more asymmetrical Attitudes as women. "[5]
[1] “But of course there is the fight against terrorists, and with the attack in Nice, at the latest, it is in a new, even more difficult one, because it is still more asymmetrical Phase entered. "[6]
[1] “Following this hypothesis, we examined one of the most asymmetrical Structures in the human brain, the Sylvian fissure. "[7]
[1] “A piece of this power comes into the self most asymmetrical Dominance relationships also apply to those who have very few resources. "[8]
[1] “The most highly developed forms and functions of nature - those of life, spirit and society - are those in the mathematical meaning of the word most asymmetrical Forms of nature. "[9]

Characteristic word combinations:

asymmetric warfare

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