What computer problem cannot a technician fix?

Internet problems - how does the problem solving work?

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Internet support calls often result in sending a service technician over instead of reconnecting the computer to the Internet via a quick phone problem resolution. Often one of the following three problems has occurred:
First, what occurs most frequently with new customers: Your Internet connection has not yet been activated with the Internet provider.
Second, the connection to the Internet provider at the connection point in your home or office could have been lost.
Or thirdly, a cable in your apartment is defective and needs to be replaced.

If the Internet provider simply has not yet activated your connection, the problem should be easy to resolve with a service call. However, if something is wrong with your cables or your connection station, a technician will have to be sent to you to repair the damage. Typically, problems of this type are resolved within a day. The only problem is, you will likely need to take time off on home calls.

If all goes well, the technician will be able to re-establish your internet connection and you will be back to everyday life on the internet. However, before the technician arrives, you should be prepared for the worst. So have customer data, device numbers and customer service callback number ready in case you need to call the support center again to be able to tell which repair attempt has failed.