Why are sales so important

Sales expertise: Totally overrated and yet so important

Some of you will nod your head and unconditionally agree, while others, often in the area of ​​advice-intensive products and services on the move, will want to disagree. In my lectures and seminars, I often find that the average of the opinions is 30-40% for this question. Let's forget the percentage for a moment and remember that much more is needed to achieve lasting sales success.

The 4 factors for long-term sales success:

  • Expertise
  • Good sales skills
  • Above average skill in dealing with people
  • A healthy attitude towards selling

Those who only rely on their theoretical knowledge in sales will quickly fall behind. Those who rely mainly on their smile and their rhetoric, on the other hand, have very bad cards. It's like driving a car without a seat belt: it works, but it's damn dangerous.

Expertise is the foundation of your sales success, nothing more and nothing less.

Expertise alone does not really get you very far, but without or with too little knowledge you make yourself untrustworthy with your customers and encourage mistrust.

How do you get more specialist knowledge if you think you still have room for improvement in this regard?

For example, you can point out to your boss that you still have gaps in your knowledge in some areas. I am sure that if you take this initiative, he will appreciate it. However, such a venture will not always be crowned with success, as many companies spend significantly more money on product training than on communication training, which is questionable, and only hold a seminar when there are new products.

What about your personal responsibility? Even if your employer benefits from your getting better and better, you also benefit from it. If not always through commission or a higher salary or a bigger and better company vehicle, then definitely through a secure job, as you make a significant contribution to the company's success. It's your job, it's your customers first and it's your life.

Independent salespeople are more successful in the long run than their colleagues who only take what they are offered.

And even that cannot be taken for granted: some time ago I witnessed a terrifying testimony. A service employee of a large company said to her colleague that she had no idea about the new service and instead always gave out the flyer with the superficial information. She also doesn't know what it says.

I don't know what to find worse: the company's miserable information policy or the underground customer orientation and lack of personal responsibility of the employee who did not even know the content of the brochures that had been lying in front of her for weeks.

In the following, I offer you a few sources that can expand your specialist knowledge:

  • Internet: The easiest and fastest way to get information for a short research of some terms and contexts.
  • Books: Even if not every page of a textbook is interesting for you, you can still take 2-3 new impulses with you from every work.
  • Experienced colleagues: Ask the "old hand" holes in the stomach and regularly exchange ideas with one another, talk about your experiences.
  • Seminars: I know countless people who, for example, have paid for an Excel seminar out of their own pocket because they were not supported by their employer. As mentioned earlier: it's for YOU!
  • Good customers ask: Yes you've read correctly. In exceptional cases, you can ask a regular customer with whom you get on well for advice on a specific matter. You upgrade him with it, respect his opinion and it will in no way harm you, otherwise you will understand your subject.

Whatever you want to do to gain more knowledge, take action and create the foundation for your credibility in sales!

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Lars Schäfer is a speaker and trainer and is considered a leading expert on the subject of "emotional selling". After training as an industrial businessman and marketing specialist, he successfully worked in the office and in the field for 15 years. Since 2004 he has been a self-employed sales trainer and a sought-after speaker on the special topics of “Emotional Selling” and “Trust in Sales”. He offers sales training for the field service, shop staff and sales engineers. His trainings are characterized by a pronounced motivational factor, humor and high practical orientation. His entertaining and instructive lectures convince with their authenticity and emotionality. Lars Schäfer is a member of the German Speakers Association - GSA. www.emotionalesverkaufen.de