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Saturday, August 15th, 2015

For certain reasons that I do not list here, we made the decision together on Friday evening to work for the last time and then to go on Saturday morning. Friday evening we went back to the MC Donalds, we applied for jobs for Jona and Sarah, packed our things and loaded everything into the car. Jonah really wanted to wash the horse towels, which we didn't understand. When he then collected our laundry and said that we can now wash, we were proud of him that he thought so well. So it was very late when we got to bed, but we knew that it was the last time that we would have to get up so early.

On Saturday we worked normally without anyone knowing anything. When the manager Alex called me and asked when I was planning to move to my new job in Sydney, I said I wanted to talk to him after work. He asked if what had happened. I didn't let anything out and emphasized several times that the three of us wanted to talk to him personally. Alex found out that I was leaving the farm after work. When asked, I told him that Sarah and Jonah had to speak for themselves. Of course I tried to call the two of them straight away to "warn" them, but they didn't answer. When Jonah called back, he informed me that David had given him an hour to think about whether he wanted to stay there. Sarah shared her decision to leave on the phone. So we worked the rest of the morning and then everyone came back from the track. A few minutes later everyone was gone and the three of us were alone. When Alex the manager came over, we had a loud, long, emotional discussion. So we left the farm in evil.

It took forever until we managed to get going because we couldn't think of so many things to do and pack. After saying goodbye to Jack, we finally started off. With very mixed feelings. I will miss the people, the horses, Gipsy and Precious, Sam and Charly and the familiar surroundings very much. It was not easy for me to drive out to the gate the last time and I thought it was a shame that my good time had to come to such a stupid end. Well, new farm, new luck ?!

Sarah and Jona were just happy to get away after their short time here (1 week).

After the one hour drive we reached St. Kilda in Melbourne and checked into our hostel in a pub. We had a 6-person dorm: a stuffy, smelly, small room. I had to sleep in the bunk bed upstairs and it didn't even have bars that would have protected me from falling out. I've never slept in such a scratchy hostel, but $ 15 / night was very cheap. The microwave was so dirty I couldn't even warm my pizza in it. There was a smell of smoke everywhere and it was just gross. After dinner we were so tired that we all took a nap.

Jona and Sarah went out to party in the evening, but I was so exhausted and full of different emotions (anger about what happened, sadness about leaving a good time behind, joy about the new freedom and excitement for the coming time) that I decided to lie down and go back to sleep.

Dissolved greetings from the escape

Nadine (Sarah and Jona)


Last pictures of our accommodation

And that of the farm

Escape selfie

Sooo much luggage

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Monday, 08/10 - Friday 08/14/2015

On Monday the weather was nice and since Jona and Sarah didn't have the motivation to ride, I rode both horses again during the lunch break. I jumped over the cross with Precious, Jonah helped me and it was very good.
Jona also explained to me how to properly feed “the farm”, horses and cows in the paddocks, and I've been doing this every day since then. If it's not raining, that's not a problem and I don't get any more electric shocks. I asked Alex the manager if I could go on the track, but he said that you have to get into the routine and he only wants one person there. Unfortunately, that meant I had to keep mucking boxing all day and my back and neck hurt a lot.
I also told Alex that I would have a job in Sydney at the end of August and whether I should stay there. He said to go because the weather is better in Sydney right now and will be back in the summer. It is good if I have the chance to see something else.
Sarah and I muck all the boxes almost by ourselves and everything hurts too. On Monday at least we got help from the woman who usually only feeds the horses.
On Monday morning Jack came to me and told me that I should move out of his house that day. When asked, he only said: “because that's how it should be”. I tried a few more times but couldn't figure out why. Sometimes you don't have to understand men and I don't think I can blame myself for anything and it wasn't anything either ... Maybe he's just generally dissatisfied and in a midlife crisis. So I moved all the things from the kitchen to the backpack kitchen and Jack's kitchen was almost completely empty. Even salt and pepper were mine.
I got a call from our manager who told us on Saturday the boxes would have been very messy and if that happens again, we have to come on our weekend off and muck up again.
Jona has already made ratatullie a few times, which is very tasty. I could go for it 😉
4 times this week we went to the MC Donalds to scrounge wireless internet. It's good that we are still allowed to come 😉 unfortunately Merlin is no longer on TV, which is why we need another pastime.
Instead of 6, there are now 12 horses in “my” new stable, which is why I need twice as long, of course. I often get a call that I have to speed up, but none of the others can manage 12 boxes on the old farm in the time I'm gone.
Thursdays I had noon and although the sun was shining, I slept all day. The job is really tough.
Most of the people are always very nice to us and so Lorraine often brings us something delicious like donuts, cookies, etc.
One day while riding, I locked myself in the riding arena. The gate is so difficult to open and I tried 10 minutes without success. I wanted to go to the stable and “get help” but didn't know what to do with the saddled horse. After I couldn't reach 4 people, David said on the phone that I should unsaddle Precious, leave it and then go to the stable and get someone. The plan worked and we were liberated 🙂
It's very good how Sarah, Jona and I get along and we often watch films together and cook something. One evening we were too lazy and got a pizza at Dominos.
One day Jona gave me jumping lessons on Precious again and we rode a steep jump. It was super good and you can tell that Precious has a lot of potential and can jump at S level.
On Thursday I was back on the track with Gipsy. After I took it easy again and she was very scared and peeping, I galloped again really fast. It was just as much fun as last time and my cow pony is clearly feeling good on the track.
That was the report about another (very rainy) week on the horse farm.

best regards


Feed the farm

Gipsy and Precious ❤


Jonah and my company car

I don’t like this car

Black Beauty and me

first seen venomous spider

Jonah is always hungry

Sarah prefers to write

Skype with brother in Egypt