Was Fury a real tank during WWII

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Worst movie ever. If you want to see an unrealistic American hero war film, this is the place for you.
A really bad movie! According to the logic of this film, the USA only needed to send a few thousand soldiers to Europe during World War II ... The Germans cannot make it with a heavily armed company of around 500 soldiers, including 5 American soldiers only to add a single scratch .... No, on the contrary .... 5 American soldiers were apparently enough to cover the 500 German clay pigeons who love to be shot down, even to make them out .....
Interesting and well-made film that reminds me of old Russian tank films. Technically perfect with good sound, actors and soundtrack. The question of ethics and morals is treated evenly and neither side is exempted. So I can't agree with some brown opinions who see the film as pure propaganda. We just lost the war ... and the US came out as a big winner. That is a fact and not propagandaūüėČ
I was very disappointed with the film. Very sensational with the usual cool GIs who wipe out entire units of the opponent with a loose phrase on their lips with the accompanying heroic encores.
The best war movie in ages !! He tells how it was. It shows how dirty and brutal it was. It was just that way back then. Another age. I don't understand the bad criticism, special effects and drama are simply part of a war film. At Fury they even got original props from a war artifact collector. The people who talk about it badly, I wonder that they even managed to see the film to the end. Don't watch war movies if you can't stand the truth. Most war films are based on real events or roughly how it really was. Without our great fathers and grandfathers, Europe would speak standard German fluently today, so RESPECT!
Very good anti-war film that once again highlights the futility of war. Strong acting performances from all main characters. Worth seeing
This film was the biggest disappointment in a long time. With such a high-profile star cast (Shia Labeouf, okay) I went into the film with great interest and high expectations and was more than disappointed. Nothing but empty hero lawns and senseless slaughter of German soldiers, spoilers: who are more than 100 times superior to a chainless tank.
The Americans present themselves once again as almost unearthly heroes who manage to fight half the German Wehrmacht and SS with a few shots. You have to give the film the technical equipment. The German tiger tank and the Sherman tanks, which are originals from the Second World War, were very impressive. Still, for me it was nothing more than sound and armor smoke. The dialogues flat and meaningless. The plot is predictable and not very creative. In general, you can describe this film in just one sentence: American tank defeats all Germans, all Americans except one die a more than theatrical heroic death and in the end the Americans are of course the winners. I am only giving this one a star because of the technical equipment. The uniforms could have been researched a little better. In general, almost all American soldiers looked more like a riot band of robbers than a winning group. Unfortunately only one star. More trash than a big hit.
Relentless and poignant war drama about the last days of the fighting in World War II, which in my opinion was far better than "Inglourious Basterds" (ironically with Brad Pitt too). Authentic tank battles alternated with scenes of real camaraderie among the characters. During the thundering battles, the sometimes very brutal images were shocking. Their harshness could have come from ‚ÄúSaving Private Ryan‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúBand of Brothers‚ÄĚ. Many scenes took place right inside a tank, so that you got a good feeling for the tightness. But what fascinated me most was the sound effects, which intensified the exciting battles on my home theater system. There were sound effects for bouncing bullets and ricochets that I have never heard before (similarly innovative as with ‚ÄúTransformers‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúOblivion‚ÄĚ). The whole apartment vibrated to the delight of my neighbors when the gunfire from the main tank gun and the subsequent explosions. The saying from the trailer fits: War never ends quietly.
The film has both positive and negative aspects. Action scenes, background noise, actors are very well done, there were also some quiet scenes, especially those with Emma and Norman, because you could see that you are looking for humanity between the whole chaos. Which is why I don't think the film is that good is due to many parts that are far from any logic. What was particularly ridiculous was the spot with the Tiger tank. As if a couple of Sherman tanks had a chance against a Tiger ... The final battle scene was special too. After the SS soldiers had run around unnecessarily for 15 minutes, one of them came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking out the bazookas. As a German, I myself feel a little attacked, I am not a supporter of the Nazis and the Nazis brought so much suffering you cannot imagine, but the Germans were labeled as cannon fodder there. In the scene they held a weapon in their hand but never got the idea to use it. I have a scene in front of my eyes: an SS soldier runs without senses or senses with a gun in his hand, of course not aimed or anything, towards the tank. WarDaddy (Brad Pitt) can just shoot the soldier without taking a scratch. Brad Pitt was portrayed as a demigod in the film, watching the scene at the end. Has been shot several times in important parts of his upper body and can then tell Norman a life story. What became particularly clear in the film, what war can do with you. Norman comes into the tank as a milk boy and is called "machine" in the end. The traumatized looks from him at the end of the film show that very clearly. I can recommend the film to anyone who doesn't value a realistic story. It has action-packed scenes, good actors and the background noise is just amazing (if you have the necessary sound system).
Yes, I know this is a Hollywood film and it is there for entertainment, but ... If Hollywood is already setting a film in a real or historical conflict, then for me you have a duty to make a relatively accurate one To draw a picture of this ... I have no problem with the fact that the opponents are the Germans and the Americans are the protagonists. But statements that that would be pure entertainment and one shouldn't take the story too seriously is pure bullshit for me. From minute 1 this film was so riddled with historical errors that it completely tore me from the world and simply destroyed the technically well-made scenes. 1. Problem: Why are the last weeks of the war presented as absolute horror for the Americans, in which it seems as if the Germans are still at full speed ?! Absolutely thin shit, the Americans had hardly resisted the invasion of the German Empire after the Ardennes offensive. 2. Problem: The Americans never had a problem with manpower - especially not in the last weeks of the war. Why is this typewriter stallion pulled off to sit in a tank ?! That would never really !!! happen. No army in the world puts a man in a tank before he has gone through tank school. The boy also allegedly cannot shoot, although he has only been in the army for 8 weeks and has therefore only recently completed basic training. Third problem: realistic combat and military tactics are simply not present in the film. The film looks like it was written by someone who only knows something about the war through his countless hours in COD and BF. 4. Problem: Yes, Americans committed war crimes too! But the Sezen, in which they just shoot down a German soldier and 50 random infantrymen stand next to them, is just stupid. Sorry, but welcome to the Brad Pitt court-martial !! As if one of those soldiers who don't know Brad Pitt at all hadn't said something. 5. Problem: German soldiers have the Stormtrooper Syndrome in this film and neither manage to take out an American with a Pak or with their handguns. Instead, "Fury" briefly switches on the "Godmode" against the tiger when he shoots him a 8.8 from a very short distance in the side ... Well, the tree trunks will probably have canceled the 8.8;) The problems could be continued until to the ludicrous end, in which the tank crew completely stupid, contrary to their actual training, put a completely useless "load stand" on their immobile tank. What did the 5 achieve again? Oh yes, the Germans took the intersection and 4 soldiers died. The Germans would have taken the intersection that way and the 4 would have survived if they had just left the tank behind, as any man with common sense would have done. In addition, there is the decision to cross with only one! Wanting to hold tanks and the fact that these tank brigades obviously never operate with infantry support. I was able to hear Brad Pitt's last sentence, "I did everything to save you!" I just laughed and had hoped, "Machine" replies with "Yes, right, we could have left here and taken the intersection later with reinforcements, but you absolutely wanted to stay here and sacrifice your life completely senseless. You have one of us all made a guilty conscience that we stayed here and died with you .... You really did everything in your power to save our lives! " For me 1.5 / 2 stars and that only for the good technical implementation and the ambition to depict the horror of war and the dulling of the soldiers (but that only happens in parts of the film)
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