Are you afraid of the Christian God

Prayers against fear

I'm not afraid

Raffael de Blasi, Diocese of Augsburg

I enjoy life very much.
God is on my side.
With the people I like
and nothing can happen to me with God.

What matters is that God likes me
and that I can love others.
And nobody can take that away from me.
No darkness, no guilt
no contempt from people, no disease.
Nothing can tell me about God and love,
to separate from joy and faith.
Of course that doesn't make me invulnerable
And sometimes I fear what's next

But when I'm afraid - I pray.
So the fear that comes over me now and then can
always be an opportunity for prayer.
Nothing, not even the fear of missing something,
can separate me from god.
But on the contrary,
the more insecure I am, the tighter I hold on to God.

I feel safe with him.
He shows me how nice it is to laugh
to be happy
to have fun
and to be there for others.
Life is Beautiful,
because God gave it to me.
My happiness should be a token of my gratitude.

Thank you God that I can come to you with my fear

Birgit Arndt, media company Center for Protestant journalism and media work in Hessen and Nassau GmbH

God, thank you for allowing me to come to you with my fear. It makes me helpless and at a loss. It sucks up my life force and it paralyzes me. Give me the confidence that what you promised us is true: that we can be confident and that we do not have to be afraid. Help me to see your light in my darkness and let me stay in your light.

Jesus, You have overcome the world. Death has not had the last word since Easter. Through your death you showed us your love and through your resurrection you disempowered the greatest fear maker. Drive the spirit of fear out of my heart and turn my fear into trust, strength and courage.

Holy Spirit, work in me and let me trust that you will accompany me on my way and love me despite my fears, doubts and worries. Let me feel your power and strength and make it my source of strength. So that I have the courage to face my fears and overcome them with your help.

Don't let anything bother you

St. Teresa of Avila

Don't let anything bother you.
Don't let anything scare you.
Everything changes. God alone remains.
Patience achieves the goal.
He who has God lacks nothing.
God alone fulfills all of our needs.