Are the AirPods allowed on airplanes?

AirPods are such a thing ... Sometimes they are not charged, sometimes you have misplaced one of the expensive earplugs and then they become a mockery of the whole Internet because they have to be held together with a cable. But they are still not to be killed, which is why Apple also presented a new generation of wireless headphones in the typically reduced Apple aesthetic at the end of this year. The new AirPods Pro have been available since October 30th, including a refreshed design and some technical innovations that are likely to appeal to even more users.


This is how Active Noise Cancellation works

According to Apple, the new headphones are particularly light and comfortable in the ear, have crystal-clear sound for music and conversations, are water and sweat-resistant and are therefore also suitable for sporting activities. The biggest bonus of the new AirPods Pro is probably the Active Noise Cancellation function, which reliably shields outside noise. To do this, Apple uses two microphones and state-of-the-art software that continuously adjusts 200 times per second to the individual ear and the fit of the headphones. In this way, external noises can be reliably shielded and the user can concentrate fully on the noises he hears in the headphones - regardless of whether it is music, an audio book, a phone call or the sound of the sea from Spotify. If you want to consciously hear ambient noises, for example to hear the announcements on the plane or the traffic while jogging, all you have to do is switch on the transparency mode.


AirPods Pro can be used on the plane

Sounds like the Airpods Pro are the perfect companion for traveling, because thanks to Active Noise Cancellation, screaming babies, snoring neighbors, annoying music from a teenager's cell phone speaker or simply the announcements can be easily suppressed. If it weren't for the small restriction that there is no longer a cable with the AirPods that you could simply plug into the classic audio socket of the aircraft seat. Fortunately, there is a solution here: Bluetooth adapter.

Bluetooth headset technology has been around for a few years, so there are now a solid number of Bluetooth adapters that can be used to connect wireless headphones to an airplane entertainment system. The necessary steps are the same for all models from different companies: First you have to make sure that the adapter is charged before traveling. In the plane itself, you have to press the pairing button on the AirPods and the adapter and then hold the two devices close to each other so that the headphones and the adapter can connect. Then the adapter is plugged into the audio socket of the airline entertainment system. It is also recommended to switch off the Bluetooth on the cell phone or other devices so that the AirPods do not search for the wrong connection on the plane.