Why do people cry when they are sad

Tears: why people cry

Tears are traitors. They reveal a person's feelings, and the attempt to suppress them usually does not go unnoticed. Those who cry are sad or touched, desperate, angry or happy.

In most cases. Because people can be manipulated with mock tears: the psychologist Jeffrey A. Kottler describes a planned outbreak of tears as the “peak of deception”.

Almost two thirds of Germans have cried real tears at least once in the past twelve months. This is shown by a study by the Society for Consumer Research. Almost 2,000 men and women aged 14 and over were surveyed.

The women clearly lift the cut here. Just under 43 percent of the men surveyed said they had cried within the past year, compared with 83 percent of the women.

Why do the Germans cry?

What makes Germans sad? There are two to three triggers that play a role in most. The main cause of tears for most of them was the loss of a loved one. Every fifth respondent (19.5 percent) names this as the cause.

Almost as many are touching scenes in films that make their eyes water (18.5 percent). However, it is almost only women who cry at films - this is the most common reason for tears for them (31.4 percent). Only 5.1 percent of men said that they came to tears in the cinema or in front of the television. For men, the main cause of tears is the loss of a loved one.