Hard drives die like humans

Heat kills computer hard drives

Summer months are also high season for data rescuers

Vienna (OTS) - The high temperatures currently prevailing are not only troublesome for us humans. Computer hard drives also react more often with refusal to work in hot times. "Hot office rooms, direct sunlight or inadequately cooled server rooms can cause hard drives to die prematurely," reports Dipl. Ing. Nicolas Ehrschwendner, managing director of the Vienna data recovery company Attingo. On hot summer days, the data rescuers are called for help up to twice as often.

"The maximum ambient temperature specified by the hard drive manufacturers can be reached quickly," says Ehrschwendner. "For many external USB hard drives, a maximum ambient temperature of 35 degrees Celsius is permitted. The temperature forecast by the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics for next Friday is 36 degrees Celsius." Most of the time, the sensitive data carriers are not cooled sufficiently. PC hard drives can reach a surface temperature of up to 70 degrees Celsius during operation without cooling - well above the manufacturer's specification. Even a gentle stream of air lowers the temperature to 30 degrees Celsius.

Common consequences of overheated hard disks are head crashes, misalignment of the read / write heads and defective bearings. Server rooms that are not air-conditioned or poorly ventilated, the hard drives are not cooled or the laptop is simply forgotten in direct sunlight on the passenger seat can lead to data loss. But the valuable data is not lost forever: "In our clean room laboratory we manage to restore the data in more than ninety percent of the cases," says Ehrschwendner.

Storms also often mean extra work for the data rescuer:
Lightning strikes or floods wreak havoc on computer systems. Even in such serious cases, the data can still be saved by specialists. Ehrschwendner adds: "Even supposedly secure raid systems cannot prevent data loss in these cases. We recommend
hence the creation of regular backups and adequate cooling of the hard drives. But in an emergency we can help and reconstruct the data. "

Attingo is a leading provider in the field of data recovery, i.e. the recovery of data on mechanically destroyed, deleted or formatted data carriers. Attingo is also a specialist in data recovery for server and raid systems. The Austrian ISO 9001 certified company operates clean room laboratories in Vienna-Döbling, Hamburg and Amsterdam.

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