Why is burger a junk food

Is Fast Food Really That Unhealthy?

If you only eat fast food every now and then, you don't have to worry about your health. Whether burgers, pizza and the like are unhealthy or not depends on various factors: In addition to the preparation of the dishes, the amount and the way in which the food is consumed are decisive.

Regular consumption of fast food is unhealthy as it is often rich in fat. This includes, above all, fried foods such as French fries or donuts. Sauces and dips such as ketchup or mayonnaise, on the other hand, are very sugary. If consumed in excess, this combination leads in the long term to weight gain and even obesity with the well-known health consequences such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, many of the quick meals do not satiate sustainably because despite the high number of calories they contain little volume and hardly any filling carbohydrates (fiber). The carbohydrates are broken down relatively quickly, since the body reacts with an increase in the release of insulin when the blood sugar level rises - the sugar is absorbed quickly. Accordingly, the blood sugar level drops quickly again. The result is cravings, which in turn is often satisfied with unhealthy foods.

Another aspect that can make fast food unhealthy is the rapid ingestion of food that is typical of this type of food. Whoever gulps down his meal in a hurry, possibly not even sitting down for it, only realizes late that he is already full. So you eat more than necessary, so you also take in more calories than your body needs. Digestive problems can also occur if the food is not sufficiently chewed while eating quickly. The hastily swallowed bites are then heavy in the stomach. Abdominal pain and increased gastric acid production with heartburn can result.

Nevertheless, fast food can also be enjoyed without any negative health consequences. If you otherwise eat well and make sure you get enough exercise and relaxation, a burger every now and then will definitely not harm you. In addition, there is also fast food made from high quality meat, fresh vegetables and whole grain bread. It tastes delicious and often contains fewer calories or unhealthy fats. Likewise, pizza, wraps, croques, and sandwiches don't have to be bad for your health. It is best to choose the variants with a lot of vegetables, little or no mayonnaise or tartar sauce, little or no ketchup and opt for whole grain products if possible: They fill you up longer because of the fiber they contain and provide many vitamins and minerals.

If you do get hungry for unhealthy fast food, take enough time to consume it and enjoy the snack. Sit down quietly, chew each bite well and stop when you are full.

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