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Our FAQ on regular insurance training ("15 hours")

Are there IDD points or further education points?

No, only hours are used to fulfill the obligation to continue training. There are no further education points.

How many hours do I have to train myself?

15 hours per calendar year.


Who needs further education?

All in insurance sales. According to the new definition of insurance sales, these are: Insurance intermediaries who are directly involved in the brokerage or advice (according to § 34d Paragraph 1 GewO).

So everyone who

    • advises on, concludes or mediates insurance contracts
    • participates in the administration and fulfillment of insurance contracts, especially in the event of a claim

      These are insurance brokers and agents, insurance consultants, tied insurance brokers and their employees who are directly involved in brokering and advising. All persons who are responsible for insurance brokerage in the management of the commercial enterprise are also subject to the obligation to continue training.

Do employees also have to undergo 15 hours of further training?

Yes, if you work in mediation or advice. But also employees in contract management or claims processing.
Incidentally, this also applies to employees of insurance companies who are directly or significantly involved in insurance sales (Section 48 (2) VAG).

Which of my back office employees are subject to further training?

The further training obligation of the back office employees is determined by the question of whether the administrative activity results in "advisory and information obligations". Only you as an employer / company can decide on a case-by-case basis. Purely internal office activities are not covered by the further training obligation. For the supervisory authorities, application notes will be issued in the near future, which, among other things, will clarify such delimitation issues.

Are only those who have contact with customers obliged to take part in further training?

No, this is a common misconception. The obligation to continue training does not depend on whether you have customer contact or not.

Does the management need further training? Does the principle of delegation apply here according to § 34d paragraph 9 GewO?

The duty of further training can be delegated to an appropriate number of supervising persons. This principle of delegation relates to the management tasks of the management level. In exceptional cases, the entire management does not always have to be trained. The personal further training obligation of the sales and service staff cannot be delegated.

Principle: Anyone who arranges insurance themselves or advises customers on them, or supervises or significantly influences such activities, must fulfill the duty of further training.

In what way are executives affected by the obligation to continue training?

For managers, the obligation to continue training applies if activities fall within their area of ​​responsibility that are to be classified as insurance sales. Managers also have to train for 15 hours per year.

Are sales employees exempt from the regular training obligation if they are instructed and supervised by qualified, regularly trained managers?

No. Those employees who actually mediate or advise must always receive further training, i.e. they cannot benefit from a delegation in accordance with Section 34d Paragraph 9 GewO - as with proof of competence.

Are part-time employees and marginal employees also fully obliged to undertake further training?

Yes, part-time employees are also fully obliged to undergo further training in accordance with the placement guidelines.

Do product-accessory intermediaries also fall under the obligation to continue training?

Yes, they too have to undergo regular further training. However, the mandatory 15 hours are not required here. However, you have to train yourself regularly about "suitable measures". Insurance companies must check this on an ad hoc basis.

Do annex intermediaries fall under the obligation to continue training?

No, Annex intermediaries are not subject to the further training obligation according to IDD.

How many hours do persons subject to further training have to complete who return from parental leave / long illness, etc.?

It does not matter when someone resumes insurance sales - even if they return from a long illness or from parental leave: the 15 hours per year remain. Only if you have not been active for an entire calendar year, you do not have to prove any further training in this year according to the reasons for the VersVermV.

PS: It is under discussion whether there should be the following exceptions:

  1. Anyone who resumes brokerage activity in December of a year does not have to do any further training that year.
  2. Anyone who takes the proficiency test in accordance with § 34d GewO in the current year is exempt from the obligation to continue training in the year of the test.