Which country has the most oil fields

Oil production in Europe Part 2 of our series "From the world of oil"

But, if you look more closely, most of Russia's oil reserves are not in the European, but in the Asian part. So when you talk about oil production in Europe, Norway comes first. After all, Norway is the world's largest oil exporter after Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Norway's oil fields

Over 50 percent of Western European oil reserves are on or off the Scandinavian peninsula, because most of the oil in Norway is produced offshore in the North Sea. Last but not least, the black gold has made Norway a country with prosperity and high per capita income. In 2012 around 87.5 million tons of crude oil were produced annually under the Norwegian flag. The funding rate has fallen slightly in recent years. Germany covers around a quarter of its oil needs from this region.

New potential in Great Britain

Great Britain has the second largest oil reserve in Europe. Around 45 billion barrels of oil have so far been produced in the British part of the North Sea. Recently, an oil field was discovered on the mainland, not far from London's Gatewick Airport, which is said to house around 100 million barrels of oil.

Oil production in Denmark

In the ranking of the oil-producing countries in Europe, Denmark ranks third with an oil production of around 10 million tons per year. In addition, the country is one of the most important production regions outside of OPEC. The production of crude oil there also contributes to Denmark being one of the few countries to be able to supply itself with energy.

More extraction of resources through high-tech

According to experts, technological advances are still producing huge amounts of oil. Above all, the unconventional oil mining is on the advance here, which today enables economic extraction thanks to the rapidly developing technologies.