Can a woman orgasm under hypnosis?

Orgasm through hypnosis

You don't always need another guy to cum. The Canadian Sailesh brings other people to orgasm through hypnosis. The sex therapist Roger Hunter promises highlights via audio books.

From Dennis Klein

The movements of the man sitting alone in the chair are clear. His noises too. He pushes an imaginary pelvis back and forth with both hands, moving his own lower body back and forth in time with this. He gasps and sweats, slowly picking up speed. With the flat of his hand he claps his imaginary ass in front of him, it seems to be a woman's bottom that he is grasping as far as he is holding his arms apart. He slowly turns into the home straight, moans and grunts, bares his teeth, tears his mouth open, screams and twitches, as one has longed for as a spectator so slowly. The man who has just simulated an orgasm is not a shameless self-promoter, he is just under hypnosis and has been brought into this embarrassing situation by the Canadian hypnotist Sailesh.

Orgasms under hypnosis? Is that possible? Sailesh shows it in his show, which he currently performs almost every day somewhere in the world. The squat bodybuilder guy with the deep voice is so popular because he crosses the boundaries of shame to amuse the enthusiastic audience. Where other show hypnotists in this country degrade their viewers at most to meowing cats and barking dogs, Sailesh lets his test subjects mutate into sex manicas and gives them feelings of pleasure in the twilight state.

In several videos that can be viewed on his website, a group of twenty men and women copulate with their chairs in all possible positions. He suggests - especially to women - that they would experience an orgasm if he touched their hand, and they twitch and moan happily.

At least it seems to work on stage, although no one can say exactly which of the participants is just pretending to be hypnotized and still taking part. The audience screeches in a very special way when they are shown something that affects their own shame, but is still fun for them.

Orgasm hypnosis via audio CD?

But how is it now with the hypnosis sessions that some people perceive from the most varied of wishes for healing? Roger Hunter gives a positive answer. He calls himself a sex hypnosis therapist and lives in sunny Florida. He promises all those plagued by inability to orgasm to provide them with this pleasure. All he needs is an electric metronome, a few wobbling notes and his voice. All of this can be found on a CD that is supposed to put yourself into a trance.

The qualified hypnotist explains it like this: "With my deep meditation, the mind first relaxes. For this I use sounds that correspond to certain brain waves. This puts you in a state between sleep and dream. A wonderful and peaceful situation. When you reach this level has reached, the subconscious gets a powerful moving instruction from me. I convey a special - and copyrighted - suggestion that leads to the fact that one experiences the absolute pleasure, joy and sexual fulfillment of an orgasm. "

Of course, he does not reveal what words he speaks; after all, that is his trade secret. Nor does he talk about details. Whether the whole thing only happens in the head or whether physical reactions such as ejaculation can also be reported. It only promises a 97.3 percent success rate and a return guarantee in the event of failure.

The allegedly erotic aid on CD costs an impressive 60 dollars. Unfortunately we could not do a test because Dr. Hunter preferred not to respond to our request to send us a CD for review.

Regardless of whether you are convinced of hypnosis or not, and also regardless of whether the whole self-tricking works, this type of therapy is not really convincing. Who always wants to fall into a coma in the long run before they can experience sexual climaxes?

Therefore, if you want to try a narrated porn on CD, the Gmünder audio books from the "Kerle Kompakt" series are cheaper.